Show Time – Flower Pepper Gallery’s Summer Show in Chinatown, Los Angeles

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Come check it out!  Here are my five paintings for the show.

Flower Pepper Gallery

Summer Group Show

410 Bamboo Lane Los Angeles

June 23 through July 19th.



Sold Out – Flower Pepper Gallery Pasadena – Los Angeles Artist K.L. Britton

Hey guys!

I’ve been continuing on the portrait lately, as well as some colour studies, so instead of posting updates on it, I wanted to let you guys know about the show at Flower Pepper Gallery that ended on Saturday.

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It was Flower Pepper Gallery’s Sixth Anniversary, so I submitted 6 paintings, and they all sold out before the weekend.  Surprisingly, I had also had a dream that they had all sold, but I wasn’t sure since they didn’t sell until after the opening.  I’m very proud to be a part of Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena, among other phenomenal artists who’s creativity is off the charts.  The gallery owner is one of the most generous, kind people I’ve ever met, and I’m lucky to have participated in this wonderful event.

Thank you for reading!

The Show – Flower Pepper Gallery feat. K.L. Britton

This year I was in a wonderful show at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena.  The owner there, Huan, has an incredible eye for art and design.  Huan’s taste in art is very incredible, with works ranging from surreal, to impressionistic, and traditional realism all put together in very surprising ways.  The works at Flower Pepper Gallery are sure to delight you as they did me.  Here are some excerpts from July’s show:

Flower Pepper Gallery K.L. Britton art

The paintings I submitted (that were graciously accepted) were all smaller works, under 11×14.  The first is a fantastic alla prima portrait I did from when I visited Seattle.  The lighting from the window was cool and subdued, a perfect highlight on the face of my beautiful model.

K.L. Britton's art in a gallery

Here they are all on the wall.  What a nice show.  Lots of red dots!  Even sold another painting to a collector who purchased one of these.  Thank you for your support, Flower Pepper Gallery, and my fantastic collectors who are enjoying these pieces on their own walls.

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