In the Wise Words of DJ Khaled – Another One

Los Angeles Gallery of art artist K.L. Britton Bouguereau study

Graphite Study of Bouguereau painting featured in the digital study I did in an earlier post.

K.L. Britton Los Angeles Gallery of Art Oil on Linen 20x20

This one is for sale – I believe it’s 20×20, and here I really had a great time putting the ground on.  You can see the beautiful crackle of paint in the background.  Another thing I love to do is put those colour bursts in the core shadows.  Mmmm.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.38.49 AM

This was my first pastel.  I like pastel, but don’t love it.  I think pastel can indicate landscapes in an incredible way, I admire deeply those who have skill with it (but it’s certainly not me!)  I would like to use it more often and learn it.  Very fun.

Los Angeles Gallery of Art Artist K.L. Britton Gouache

My Gouache on moleskine study from quite a while ago.  I’m surprised this one didn’t get posted.  It was 36 degrees outside when I sketched this and I couldn’t use gloves for some reason.  My hand was killing me by the time I was satisfied.  Good times.  I loved Philly!  Probably not as much as I love L.A.