“Pur Deux” Female Portrait oil on linen Philadelphia Fine Art

“Pur Deux”

Oil on linen


please e-mail khufineart at gmail.com to inquire

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!  I certainly did.  I am hoping to start some small side projects as of tomorrow, so I will have more to update than just finished paintings every few days.

“Pur Une” Female Portrait oil on linen 11×19 oil on linen Philadelphia Fine Art

Pur Une


Oil on linen


to purchase please e-mail khufineart@gmail.com

I have finished the beginning of this series called “Pur” or sheer in French.  I want to capture the transparency of the fabric which drapes around the model in a compositional way, and I am doing a series of five of these.  Here it is on my website.  I’ll start on the next one tonight!  A few more of my pieces are now available on e-bay at an incredibly affordable prices here, where I just got a wonderful feedback on a sold piece:

“Fantastic! Dark-haunting. Fleshtone amazing. Painting is terrific, feels alive.”

Thank you!  Also, have a good Friday!