A Rose by any Other Name II – Floral Oil Paintings Contemporary Art by K.L. Britton

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 4.18.05 PM

As a portrait focused artist, I used to loathe flowers.  I thought they were tedious and unenjoyable – but as I developed my art I grew a deep love and passion for them.  Flowers can have so many meanings, empathy, joy, love, compassion.  Flowers represent emotions, they represent pushing through obstacles in our lives and overcoming hardships, they represent sharing joy and enjoyment with others.  Here is my full painting, A Rose by any Other Name II, my beautiful floral painting, now available on e-bay here E-Bay – K.L. Britton art.

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Floral oil painting on artists panel by contemporary artist K.L. Britton roses


The Watercolour Phase – Recent Works

These are my Watercolour specials.  Lately, I’ve been carrying a Nanami Paper standard, tomoe river paper sketchbook and my trusty Kuretake watercolor markers.  They go in any of my bags and are light, easy to carry.  Since they’re markers, they don’t require much mixing.  I’ve also been using an awesome watercolor set I was gifted, along with a water brush.  With the water brush there’s no clean up time, and the markers and colour dry pretty fast on the tomoe river paper.  I’m loving them.

K.L. Britton Art Diamine Terra Cotta ink and Pilot Falcon with Waterbrush on Nanami Paper Crossfield

Alternately, I draw with one of my fountain pens (mostly my Pilot Falcon) and a water soluble ink.  Then I take the water brush and just go right over it as seen here.  Burnt orange is my favorite colour of all time.  This is Diamine terra cotta.

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers - K.L. Britton art

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers on Nanami Paper Seven Seas Crossfield

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.36.22 AM

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers - K.L. Britton art

Two sketches from the Huntington Library in San Marino, California

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers flowers- K.L. Britton art

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers Lavender - K.L. Britton art

More Florals with the Kuretake markers.

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers Portrait - K.L. Britton art

This is the new sketchbook I’ve been carrying around.  It’s a Nanami Paper Seven Seas Standard in A5 size.  It takes the Clean Color Real Brush by Kuretake perfectly.  I love the way ink writes on here as well – you can see the Gray Iroshizuku Kiri Same  ink from my Pilot Falcon SF behind the colours.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.35.24 AM

The watercolour set by Kuretake with waterbrush in the same sketchbook.  So easy and portable, I truly love it.  I’ve been using it nonstop, everywhere.

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My semi-monthly blog post! Philadelphia Fine Art Keighsie Hu

Hello everyone!  I am writing to say I sold a few paintings recently, and am working on a couple more.


I just sold “Dragon” an 18×24 oil on panel painting.  Parting is such sweet sorrow they say, I will really really miss this one (she’s been sitting on my desk since I painted her, never even listed for sale, but I got an e-mail from my favorite collector and couldn’t say no to sending her to a new happy home!)


This is a sneak peak at a small painting I’m doing now.  Honestly I wanted her beautiful face a lot bigger but I wasn’t able to make the composition read the way I wanted it with a larger face so here is the block in for this one!  I’m so excited!  She’s standing in front of an amazing Bouguereau (but don’t look at me to paint it in all the way…)


Now for sale on e-bay!  A nude that I did over the last week, trying to work in some figurative work.

Click here for the ebay listing – so cheap 😀

That’s all for today!  I will update progress pics of the painting I’m working on this time – but maybe after it’s done.  We’ll see! 😉

Philadelphia Gallery of Art – Now playing.

ImageCheck out PhiladelphiaGalleryofArt.com to find some great artwork from Philadelphia artists!  They also have a facebook and a twitter, although I think as just starting there aren’t too many posts right now.  If you’re in Philadelphia, they’re accepting applications for representation, it’s on the contact on their website.

On an equally awesome note, check out my still life.  I bet you thought I would never paint one (again.)  But I did, and in fact ENJOYED it.  That’s right, the mandarins stood completely still while you move your head around and talk a lot.  The mandarins had very little to say, and honestly putting these on the wall will be cheaper in the long run than buying new oranges every week to replace the dried ones.  I mean, these are like $5 for 3 lbs!  You don’t want that kind of recurring tax on your plate, but if you buy this painting (available at the previous link) you are basically getting an ikea bowl, three everlasting oranges, and a partially opened orange included in the price.  Granted, you can’t do anything with them but look, but imagine how they will brighten up your fancy foyer table, and you’ll never have to change the water.

Since I’m in school now, as well as teaching, I have been busy.  Btw if you want to learn, I have proof that my teaching method is good, and in four weeks I promise your portraits will improve (unless you are David Kassan, then I can’t help you.)

Here is some inspiration (for you to go to AFTER you visit philadelphiagalleryofart.com) www.jefflegg.com  It has music, but if you mute it you will find some beauty.  Maybe you will be inspired to buy a still life as well.

Awesome stuff on e-bay for a good cause! Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu


Check out my items (more to come tonight) available now at affordable and discounted prices on ebay!

All the proceeds from the sales go to my fund for schooling: http://www.gofundme.com/5f0dso

Thank you so much to all those who purchase/have purchased.  You guys rule.  If you can donate a dollar or 2, please do so, every dollar counts and I’ll be excessively grateful.

I have another tutorial coming soon!

How to draw using large shadow shapes and a dog – Philadelphia Fine Art

photo 1 (2) photo 4

Click for larger pics

Here is a nice reference on how to break your picture down into what we call “Shadow Shapes.”  Shadow shapes are the big chunks of lights and darks in your drawing or painting.  Here you can see some examples I drew of shadow shapes, being modeled by the very nude and very hunky Caesar Liu.  I know that I should have labeled this nsfw but since the sketchbook is covering his private parts I just left it.  As you can see he is a really cooperative and eager model.  If he didn’t want to model, he wouldn’t have sat down on my lap that I was sketching in.

1) These look like sunglasses.  If the lighting is unidirectional from a top like angle, these are often there below the brow and above the portruding cheek.

2-3) Look how random these shapes look!

4) See how they were not random at all, but they are very abstract.  Try not to think of your drawing as “Cheeks” “Eyes” etc, think of the big shadow shapes and try to get them all the relatively correct sizes.

5) Shading the shapes.

6) Add more and more shapes

7) NOW you can work on detail!! Don’t look at it at all until NOW because otherwise you will have a very detailed incoherent picture.  Make sure your overall drawing is in first, the big shadow shapes, and that they make sense, before you move on to the ‘eyes’ ‘nose’ etc.

Here is a real life example of shadow shapes:

photo 2 (1)

Here is the easy shadow shape breakdown


This is the final drawing.  Notice I did not start with “the eye” or “the lips” because then I would get distracted by those and not look at the overall picture.  I drew in the large shapes and then moved on to the little ones.

If you like little shapes, that’s cool, but in that case, I recommend drawing out from each shape so that you don’t have some lines here, some shapes here, and a really detailed eye.  Although when I put it that way it sounds kind of cool.

Have an awesome weekend dudes!  Special thanks to my model.


Happy New Year folks – Daily art by Philadelphia Artist K. Hu

Hello everyone!  I’m back from Los Angeles.  Yes, I didn’t mention that I was going.  In fact I have neglected you, dear blog and blog readers, quite a bit lately.  It just makes when I do post all that much sweeter, right?

Here is a lovely study I got to do IN PERSON in front of this gorgeous Bouguereau in PERSON did I mention I did it standing in front  of the actual painting?  Because I was ACTUALLY THERE.  In front of the actual painting, in PERSON!

photo (11)

Yeah that’s whats up.  This is probably 15-20 minutes.  I met the coolest chick named Maddi (ok I know I have the spelling wrong!)  there and she looked like a painting.  Expect that soon.

Anyways that’s what’s up over here.  Get down and boogie.

Stay warm my friends!

I am almost there – but I need your help!

I got accepted into two of my dream schools – along with some generous scholarships, but even after that and maxing out my available student loans, I am still just a bit short of going to live my dream (getting a degree in art and then teaching!  Also, opening my own gallery before I die :D)

I am asking for your help.

I have two ways you can help:  One is to purchase one of my super discounted artworks at http://www.khufineart.com/send-me-to-school.html – and the other is to donate (even $1 makes a difference!) at http://www.gofundme.com/5f0dso

Please help me out – it would be an amazing holiday gift for me – and for you if you decide you want a painting or drawing!

Anything you’ve seen on my blog is available at a discount too, please email khufineart@gmail.com for information.

You are so awesome for reading this post, here is an e-hug just for the good vibe 😀 <   ^_^  >


Coolest most personal gift ever? Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Artist

What could be more personal and radical than a custom portrait of a loved one?  I really can’t think of anything.

Drawings: 11×14 one bust – $38.00

Paintings: 12×16 one bust – $300.00

Each other person: Drawings – $10 Paintings – $40

Drawings are done on archival layout bond vellum with charcoal.

Paintings on panel (linen on request) with oil.

I could also do some specific commissions, such as nudes, florals, still lifes, etc.  Maybe you want a babelicious painting of your gorgeous wife’s back?  I can do that for you.  They all start at $300.  Your wife is gorgeous.  People like my paintings according to my ebay feedback.  You will too.  I promise.

Camera 360 photo (4) 271087_10151268370092873_508632197_n

photo 2 csophia photo (9)