A preview – daily sketch – Philadelphia Fine Art

Hello all! I apologize for the long delay in my posting – I came down with a cold after I came back from Dallas and wasn’t quite able to recover. Here is a sneak preview of what I am working on currently.
Right now I am working from my iPad (which automatically capitalized the pad in iPad) so this is pretty brief, but I promise an update tomorrow (a finished drawing perhaps!)



Almost there – Philadelphia fine art – K. Hu artist

It’s once again quite gloomy, otherwise I can’t wait to put together my next, more comprehensive video!  Maybe there will be some sun tomorrow (this gloom for the past 5 or so days is also having an effect on me!)  This should be done tomorrow as well.  Have a wonderful Thursday and see you tomorrow (or Saturday, I intend to see the Avengers tomorrow so might not be around to post!)  Bye!

Not too much today! Philadelphia Fine Art

I started and finished a whole painting in one day – but can’t take photos until tomorrow (too much glare.)  Here is a super sneaky sneak peek, featuring the gorgeous Sophia.  It’s very red.  Red is the colour of passion.  She’s super passioney.  It just makes sense.

I also need to photograph my finished portrait of Albert once the blacks lighten a bit.  Hopefully that is tomorrow.

Have a wonderful rest of Thursday!