Special treatment for my blog readers – K. Hu Fine Art Philadelphia Artist


I like you guys so much, here is a sneaky peek at the painting I have since completed (i.e. filled in the neck and hair…) that should be good to properly photograph tomorrow.  Yeah, I know, I’m a sucker, but I really appreciate you guys.  All two of you.  One being me.  The other being my imaginary friend.  I am trying to update my blog more, that’s all.  Good discipline.  Like a samurai.

I haven’t actually used the value scale hanging there.  I hung it there so I would use it but… I keep forgetting that it’s there.

In Progress – Finished – Painting a Day – K. Hu Fine Art Philadelphia Fine Art

Well, this is not going to be my official photo of this finished painting, but since I can’t seem to snag one, here is one exclusively for people who look at my blog posts:

03111303 - Copy

And also this is what I’m working on next (again, a sneaky preview just for blog readers!)  I am very very excited about this next one as I think it’s gonna be awesome.  Just sayin.  Maybe not awesome but definitely “good”.  😀

03111301 03111302

I’ll probably work more on it today, followed by Karaoke 😀  Not really sure if you can gather any insight into my painting process by simply looking at photos, but I am working on a painting video which I intend to have finished next Tuesday.  That’s also the day that my online portrait painting classes start with Artist’s Network University.    Check them out!

Hope you all have an awesome week.  Keep drawing.

Please vote for me! – Philadelphia Fine Art – Khu art

Here is a post disguised as a progress post:


But really the whole thing is a link to my entry in a contest I would REALLY love to win!!! The only way to do so is by getting your vote!! please click the link – it will take you to facebook where you can vote – you don’t have to log in or create a username or anything, just click on vote!!!

Thank you to all who have done so, and you can vote once per day so don’t feel like I am no longer talking to you 😀

Progress – Philadelphia Fine Artist K. Hu


Making progress!  I am gonna utilize technology and photoshop some backgrounds to decide what I really want.  I will definitely leave the drips/unfinished in the lower shirt region.  I am going away Friday (and will probably have this finished by then) and if I don’t update, I will see you in a few weeks.  Off to Dallas, then driving to Los Angeles, and maybe there I will get some more reference photos!

Have yourself a great Monday!

Out drinking tea and drawing on the iPad – K. Hu art

This is what I do when I am out drinking tea.  I doodle on my iPad.  I call it productive, even if it’s frequently interrupted by checking facebook and playing Angry Birds Star Wars.

here’s what’s next:

Something is wrong wi the angle of the cheek on the far side – how come it’s easier to paint on the iPad?  Oh yeah – the undo button and thumbnails hahaha!  I see now I need to raise he bulk of the cheek up a bit.  I am not super wit today so that’s all!  Have a radical Tuesday evening.

Progress – Philadelphia Fine Art – Artist K. Hu

I had a really odd occurrence as I’ve been working on this piece.  I have broken these down into little sections I’ve worked one at a time, and in doing so, each feature of my models face is being ingrained into my head with a really intense accuracy.

So what happened was, I saw my model (after working on this painting for a few hours) and my brain reacted to his -features-!  It wasn’t like I recognized him, it was like I was recognizing individually each different feature on him like “Oh I know that is Albert’s nasolabial crease!”

It was a weird feeling, it is very interesting what our brain does when we are painting.  At the time I felt like I could have drawn each feature as seen here with an intimidating accuracy.  But now I’ve been slubbing around a bit and lost the feeling.  Still really cool experience!

Updated the site: http://khufineart.com with my newest painting and drawings in misc. sketches.

Have a wonderful weekend if I don’t post!

Figure Drawing, Painting Progress, and more! Philadelphia Fine Artist K. Hu Art


Tuesday’s figure drawing session was very fun.  The model was very lovely, had a beautiful figure, and I gave her my card so I could contact her later about posing for a portrait.  Her cheeks were great.

Figure drawing is definitely something I need a lot more practice on.  I draw portraits so often that I am getting quite adept at putting together my particularly detailed ones, but I have been neglecting other subjects (including painting!)

This is the beginning of the portrait I am working on currently.  It should be done by next week sometime.  I am taking my time on it since I have been dedicating most of my time to drawing lately.  I was contacted recently for a commission for a floral painting similar to the other one I had painted.

Well that’s all, I will keep you updated on the progress of my painting, and I will post to let you know when my most recent drawings go on e-bay.  I am also working on that video demonstration that I mentioned earlier to be done by the end of the month.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

A preview – daily sketch – Philadelphia Fine Art

Hello all! I apologize for the long delay in my posting – I came down with a cold after I came back from Dallas and wasn’t quite able to recover. Here is a sneak preview of what I am working on currently.
Right now I am working from my iPad (which automatically capitalized the pad in iPad) so this is pretty brief, but I promise an update tomorrow (a finished drawing perhaps!)


Almost there – Philadelphia fine art – K. Hu artist

It’s once again quite gloomy, otherwise I can’t wait to put together my next, more comprehensive video!  Maybe there will be some sun tomorrow (this gloom for the past 5 or so days is also having an effect on me!)  This should be done tomorrow as well.  Have a wonderful Thursday and see you tomorrow (or Saturday, I intend to see the Avengers tomorrow so might not be around to post!)  Bye!