Decay – Daily Painting on Sketchbook Easel Edge Pro Gear – K.L. Britton Fine Art Los Angeles

Yesterday was Sunday, so I found myself with a slightly longer period of time in which to paint.  Getting errands done before noon has it’s advantages, guys.  I’m really in the zone for Halloween now, looking to sew or get some costumes to be used in a couple paintings as well.  Larger ones that will take several days to complete.  In the mean time, I saw this beautiful photo on instagram’s @meidakeet feed, and she graciously let me interpret her photo in oils.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 7.47.19 AM

Decay, 6″x6″ oil on panel by K.L. Britton Los Angeles

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes.  At the point this was taken, I assumed I was halfway through.  Boy, was I wrong!  I didn’t finish painting til nearly 8pm.  Such a small, but interesting painting just kept me going.  The sweet potato filled pizza crust at Koko (formerly Love Letter Pizza) in Ktown also helped.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 7.47.46 AM

Here is a photo of the setup on my Edge Pro Gear Sketchbook easel.  I love this thing.  I am using the sample metal plate they sent me for this one attached to a 6×6 panel.  I believe these are simply thin sheets of metal that attach to the magnets within the body of the easel.  Click if you’d like to see a larger version of my lay in!  With the sketchbook easel, the portability can’t be beat, and my only complaint is that I can’t fit more colour varieties on the palette while painting.  For me, this is pretty minor, but I likely will buy the standard Edgebook Pro easel for myself for Christmas, in order to have an “at home” easel that still has the tripod for ease of use.

I also have attached to my easel, as you can see in earlier posts, a hanging thing for paper towels, as well as two clips to hold each side of a trash bag.  This is the perfect setup, and I bring them with me wherever I go to paint.  Makes it so much easier to move around, with everything in one place.

Thank you for reading my mini-review.  Have a great Monday!

A Look Inside My World – Art Tips by K.L. Britton

I’ve always shied away from painting hands.  I have two major portraits that included hands, but in 90% of my paintings, I only just “indicate” the hands.  There are some major reasons for this:

Hands take almost as much time as portraits for me.  They are so incredibly detailed, and there is a lot of measuring.  For me, the amount of work that goes into a hand might even be MORE than a portrait, since portraits are my focus and have become easier for me to complete.  It’s all about practice time, though.

Alla Prima Hand Oil Painting Tips and How Tos

Instead of shying away, I have decided to embrace all of the things that bother me on a regular basis: Hands, Ankles, Feet, Legs… Arms.. Noses!  Pretty much everything!  Since I have my happy little Edge Pro Gear Sketchbook easel setup, it’s easy for me to go from one study to the next.  It’s also easy for me to sit my little easel in front of the TV and paint from the couch with a movie on.  So here is my start of a hand study.  You may recognize this from the digital version I did before.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 7.57.11 AM

The block in is just large shapes.  I’ve broken it down into a rectangle and some sausages of varying widths.  Remember that the thumb comes from the side of the rectangle, the fingers from the top of the rectangle, and the knuckles will be settled inside the rectangle.  These things are hard to explain in words, but I highly recommend finding those large shapes with hands.  Use angles to find out how your fingertips flow, as you can see I outlined the “angles” of the fingertips before I drew them in.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 7.57.02 AM

Here’s the fun part.  Instead of doing one middle tone across the hand, I used variations.  Darker values for the farther planes (the joint of the thumb closer to the hand rectangle, the plane of the hand that’s not highlighted, and several sections of the fingers.)  This helped me visualize these fingers as three dimensional.  Another couple things I do for fun: Add cad red or alizarin crimson, or a mixture of the two, to all the mixtures of paint that come from the fingertips.  If you look closely, the tips are a bit reddish.  Another area I use this mixture is the knuckles.  These two areas get and show a significant amount of blood flow.  I enjoy exaggerating it.

Stay tuned for more tips as I work my way along this study.  But I will let you know, I’m packing today to leave for Berlin tomorrow!  I will be painting out there, so this hand study might be put on hold until I get back.  I’ll have plenty to share in Berlin, though!

Thank you for reading!

What I’m working on – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Artist AND STUDIO SALE!!!

This is on my instagram, but you, my dear blog readers, are the best, so here it is for you:

This is what I’m working on with a non-traditional block in.  Factually I always paint the face first, and then I grumble about as I put in the rest of the painting, so this time I’m hitting the rest of the painting first, and then grumbling as I put in the face.  Genius, right?  Changing it up a bit.

This will be my first portrait in a while – I miss it desperately!  It looks a bit cartoonish right now but they tend to do so in my first underpainting stages.

Enjoy the photos (which you could have seen first if you were cool enough to follow my instagram at username kl.britton)


My original design had my French Bulldog in it, but in fact was too small for what I wanted to paint.  I got a huge canvas and I want to use it.  So sadly he was blocked out of the painting design.

loliblockin1 loliblockin2

I bought this new burnt umber which is from some fancy paint maker that cost an arm and a leg (Williamsburg is the name I think.)  Their blue is fantastic, so highly pigmented, but the umber is a little less warm than I prefer my umbers and it’s very confusing.  I’ve tried to add some burnt sienna in but it’s still not as warm as I like my shadows.  We’ll see along the way.  It does give a beautiful rich muted grey, and also that “blue” in the background was created with the ultramarine and the umber, together they just like sing a duet and then fly away on a magic carpet.

Be sure to check out the beginning of my HUGE STUDIO SALE!!! There are studies starting at $15!! YES $15!!! I have only listed the paint studies so far, but there will be drawings added soon for ridiculous prices!  Get them now while you still can (there are 2 bids on the $15 paint study!!)

Thanks for reading my friends!

A look into the process of painting – K. Hu Fine Art Daily Fine Art Blog

Well I guess my blog is not “daily”, particularly now when I am busy with school (which RULES.)  But at least I remembered to update right?

Here are a few things I’ve been working on for school, with some blurbs about the processes of painting, drawing, etc.

m10_hw1_huffman_line  m10_hw1_huffman KeighsieHuffman_bfastilllife_TheEgg_10x14oil

This is one of my favorite paintings I’ve done to date.  I love the compositional options of the birds eye view type of composition.  Seriously awesome.  Also my cool dark brown/red pot that came from some TianJin sour vegetables, 1.79 – you get veggies and this AWESOME pot.  Seriously I’d pay $3 for the pot alone.  Also I think I’m in love with plums, but still find it super challenging to mute my purples, that I make with alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue enough without raising the value.

A few notes about this painting:  I started this method where I will get a good photograph of my composition, then I will draw the line drawing from this – it has the huuuuuge advantage of not being messed up from moving a little bit – and the scale is easier to understand when you have already done the cropping.  I can do this from life, but sometimes over or under estimate the size of an object so it ends up being a little high or low.  Really you can snap a pic on your phone or anywhere, then use that as a tool to set it up – then PAINT FROM LIFE the setup, so you know you’re getting accurate colours, values, subtleties, etc.  Basically this makes my life easier, and allows me to really think about what I want my final painting to look like instead of compensating bad cropping and such.

m10_ex1_huffman_linem10_ex1_huffman_blockin  m10_ex1_huffman

This one is (obviously) fabric related.  Since I did the fabric, I couldn’t simply outline it or I’d get very confused, which area is light?  Which is shadow?  Sometimes the lines of the wrinkles go between both!  So I filled it in a bit.  I love the way it looks with just the line drawing and the scumbled burnt umber in the shadows, honestly I want to do a series of paintings that are deliberately ended at that point some day.


I am really loving anatomy.  Obviously we didn’t do hands yet still, they are this module so I’m not there, but I truly believe my understanding of human form and what makes all the bumps has just come such a long way (from this 945275_10151740897232873_1166446884_n – which you may say “but K., that drawing is not bad,” but I promise you I spent much longer on her arms than I did on the whole other drawings, and still they are stiff and don’t really describe the form of the muscles!  Maybe I will update this drawing now!

Ok to end my long update, check out my ebay now for serious DISCOUNTS and I am actually now taking offers!  I want to move these out to make room for new paintings, and more importantly, I want to go to school next semester, I won’t be able to do either of these unless you check out this cool stuff!

Thank you for reading!



A little ditty about how I paint – of course some progress shots – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Art


So here is my wicked awesome panel.  I admit that before this I only used panel once and it was alla prima with no wash and it was very weird and confusing.  This time I did a wash, then painted over it and I looooove it.  Really I am so in love with this panel.  I wonder if it comes bigger than this?  Super sturdy, won’t bend.  I put in the rough outline of where my painting will be.  I need this because I want to make sure I can fit in what I want to say, and it helps me learn my painting well.  The more I draw an image the more familiar I get with what the issues will be, the more I can look at them in the future and fix them in my final painting.

Check out my fresh palette.  I use a piece of gray paper taped to some glass.  Glass is easy to scrape but I have to change the paper now and then when I spill my linseed oil on it (being clumsy, this is more often than I would like to admit.)


Big sexy goops of colour!


So basically in this one, because I’m fully rendering it out, I am starting with just making sure there is paint all over the face.  Faces are my favorite so I start with them.  I want to make sure there aren’t blank spots, because when I go in with detailed rendering those can show or ruin my drawing.  Ok, I ruin my drawing, but I am gonna blame it on the blank spots.


fill fill fill.  Checking out some highlights.  There’s a blank spot where the shadow on the nose meets the nose.


Just fleshing it out more, adding more detail.  The chin I will rework next session.


Ok so this is my final for this session (session… 2 I guess because I did the underpainting but that took under 1 hour so I don’t know if it’s considered one.)  Here you can see my reference.  Yes it’s not quite there yet but it should be soon.  I spent most of my time on the skin tones on the cheeks, which look good, but kinda ignored everything else.


I added the black black background in – I should have done it earlier as now the painting looks relatively light compared to the background.  That’s ok, because I need to add a lot of work to it anyways, but I should have figured that out first.  Normally I do and this time I was kinda hesitant because the dress is black.  Why does that make a difference?  I don’t know, probably just made an excuse because I was too wussy to use my cool giant paint brush.

The size of this is something by 24 I think – It is my largest canvas.  I almost always do portraits on 12×16 so this is a big change for me.  Most of this next series will be on larger canvases than I’m used to because they’re all figurative.

WELL that’s all.  I hope I inspired or helped someone somewhere learn something about painting.  Have a rad evening.

Blog exclusive: Sneak peeks at my next project! K. Hu Artist








Hello my friends!  It’s about time I update my blog (right?)  But you can always find me on instagram because that’s where it’s at.  Here are a few updates for you and an exclusive tiny tiny tiny thumbnail preview of my next series of paintings that I am so excited to work on but am taking time out to update my blog just for you instead.  See how much I love you?

Here are some little progress ditties of a small sketch I was doing.




A sketch begun on the plane to LAX and finished on the train to Atlantic City.  I am a country traveler!


Yes, that’s all you get.  Unless you know how to right click and view the original image.  Then hats off to you for being ambitious and caring enough about this photo to actually do so.  Caesar is snoring right now.  Louder than I snore.  There is video proof on youtube.

That is all.

A long delayed post – Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu Artist


I have been working hard to revamp my website

In the mean time I did a very quick colour sketch of some fruits (maybe they have since been eaten, and therefore will never be a real painting….)


It’s a nectarine.  YEAH.


And a blog exclusive, an incredibly glarey most up to date work on my painting.  Should finish the legs today and then work on the couch more.  I got a small paintbrush and am having too much fun with it….

Have an awesome week!

Turns out, I have instagram – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Fine Art Philadelphia

Hello everyone!  Just an update to let you know I found an old instagram account and decided to start using it again somewhat. Basically I got back on there and found I have 128 followers who mysteriously appeared while I was gone… Might see repeats of what’s on here, but the more the merrier right?

Check me out username khufineart on ~instagram~

It’s an easy place to update real-time progress (like this which will be a finished drawing of my puppy, but is currently in layout mode.)

Progress – London – Philadelphia Fine Portrait Artist K. Hu


A glarey super sneaky sneak preview of my painting in progress.  Finished to the nose mostly – not lower yet.  Kind of trying a more detailed style.  Personally I prefer my looser brush strokes with less strokes and more action, but I was inspired to do some more detailed work and go back to that once I’m done.  I also have a beautiful model for this, so that’s kind of cheating.  She’s a babe.