The Angelu from many Paintings – Paitning Tips from K.L. Britton Art

Last night’s effort entailed a sketch.  I considered taking it further – I had another hour left to paint, but decided to put down the brush (really, in order to read my book.)  One struggle I’m having is with the lighting for my set up.  It’s a cool day-light, but I think it’s just TOO cool.  Working in different light temperatures affects your paint mixes – the cooler your light, the warmer your mixture will be to compensate.  If you use a warm light, your paintings may come out very cool due to the lighting differences.  Imagine mixing a “yellow” under a yellow light.  Even titanium white looks yellow already in the right light conditions.  The same can be said for blue, and cool light.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 9.58.30 AM

I did manage to get this more or less neutral, but its a lot warmer than I saw it on the easel.  Getting a great, balanced light is one of the essentials in your set up, but as you can see, you *can* work with the wrong lights, it’s just not ideal.

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