The Watercolour Phase – Recent Works

These are my Watercolour specials.  Lately, I’ve been carrying a Nanami Paper standard, tomoe river paper sketchbook and my trusty Kuretake watercolor markers.  They go in any of my bags and are light, easy to carry.  Since they’re markers, they don’t require much mixing.  I’ve also been using an awesome watercolor set I was gifted, along with a water brush.  With the water brush there’s no clean up time, and the markers and colour dry pretty fast on the tomoe river paper.  I’m loving them.

K.L. Britton Art Diamine Terra Cotta ink and Pilot Falcon with Waterbrush on Nanami Paper Crossfield

Alternately, I draw with one of my fountain pens (mostly my Pilot Falcon) and a water soluble ink.  Then I take the water brush and just go right over it as seen here.  Burnt orange is my favorite colour of all time.  This is Diamine terra cotta.

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers - K.L. Britton art

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers on Nanami Paper Seven Seas Crossfield

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.36.22 AM

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers - K.L. Britton art

Two sketches from the Huntington Library in San Marino, California

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers flowers- K.L. Britton art

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers Lavender - K.L. Britton art

More Florals with the Kuretake markers.

Kuretake clean color real brush watercolor markers Portrait - K.L. Britton art

This is the new sketchbook I’ve been carrying around.  It’s a Nanami Paper Seven Seas Standard in A5 size.  It takes the Clean Color Real Brush by Kuretake perfectly.  I love the way ink writes on here as well – you can see the Gray Iroshizuku Kiri Same  ink from my Pilot Falcon SF behind the colours.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.35.24 AM

The watercolour set by Kuretake with waterbrush in the same sketchbook.  So easy and portable, I truly love it.  I’ve been using it nonstop, everywhere.

That’s all for now!  Thank you for reading!


In the Wise Words of DJ Khaled – Another One

Los Angeles Gallery of art artist K.L. Britton Bouguereau study

Graphite Study of Bouguereau painting featured in the digital study I did in an earlier post.

K.L. Britton Los Angeles Gallery of Art Oil on Linen 20x20

This one is for sale – I believe it’s 20×20, and here I really had a great time putting the ground on.  You can see the beautiful crackle of paint in the background.  Another thing I love to do is put those colour bursts in the core shadows.  Mmmm.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.38.49 AM

This was my first pastel.  I like pastel, but don’t love it.  I think pastel can indicate landscapes in an incredible way, I admire deeply those who have skill with it (but it’s certainly not me!)  I would like to use it more often and learn it.  Very fun.

Los Angeles Gallery of Art Artist K.L. Britton Gouache

My Gouache on moleskine study from quite a while ago.  I’m surprised this one didn’t get posted.  It was 36 degrees outside when I sketched this and I couldn’t use gloves for some reason.  My hand was killing me by the time I was satisfied.  Good times.  I loved Philly!  Probably not as much as I love L.A.