Art dump Round 4

Los Angeles Gallery of Art Artist K.L. Britton

Digital again, a portrait.  I love to experiment with styles and not have to worry about anything.  Digital gives me a lot of freedom in that way.

Los Angeles Gallery of Art Artist K.L. Britton Portrait

A quick alla prima, oil on panel, 11×14, of one of my most inspiring muses.

K.L. Britton Bargue Study

Bargue Study in an Ogami Paper sketchbook.  I dig the ogami paper for acrylics, but found it didn’t work as well with watercolour, etc, and doesn’t take fountain pens at all.  I am a fountain pen addict… so that doesn’t bode well.

Bonus: Acrylic study on ogami paper:

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 7.31.08 AM


Gone digital – Updates Round Three (fight!)

Many of my recent works, due to moves and other hindrances, have been digital works.  Here are just a small selection of my recent sketches.  These are all done on the ipad prowith the Apple pencil.  I enjoy it almost as much as Wacom – there is just a hint of lag that differentiates the two, but it’s not enough to bother me.


A study of a Sargent study 😉

K.L. Britton Los Angeles Artist Gallery of Art digital study

A study of the Bouguereau at the Getty Center.  My favorite piece in the museum, and a stunning, rich display of light and perfect drawing.  What a master.  We can all nearn a lot from him.