Updates Round 2/10

K.L. Britton art Los Angeles paintings 18x24 oil on linen

I know you guys saw this one in progress from sketch to underpainting.  Here she is in her finished glory.  This is a huge painting, over 18″x24″ Oil on linen

K.L. Britton art Keighsie digital art Los Angeles paintings

In digital sketches like these, I can see how I have developed a maturity in my drawing.  I pay a lot more attention to accuracy than I used to, and put my love for funky colour drops as a secondary plan.  This is what the last couple years have helped me develop.


Another digital sketch, a copy of a Bouguereau hand.  Very interesting to look so closely at his decisions when he was painting and drawing.  Things like the fact the fingernail is the same value and hue range as the finger, but there is just that subtle dip line and highlight that help indicate the different texture and communicates the fingernail.



Some updates – Gotta catch you up!

Hello guys!  Here is a basic update:

I’ve moved to Los Angeles, I love it, of course.  Upgraded in all departments.  Here is some of the work I’ve been working on since my blackout about 3 years ago 😀 I have full paintings, paint sketches, drawings, and more to update you, so let’s just do three at a time.  I hope you are on the edge of your seats in excitement.  More to come!


This is an alla prima of my friend.


An outdoor sketch from Taiwan

K.L. Britton Master copy sketch

A sketch from the tattoo shop (oh yeah… that happened.. 😉 )