What I’m working on – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Artist AND STUDIO SALE!!!

This is on my instagram, but you, my dear blog readers, are the best, so here it is for you:

This is what I’m working on with a non-traditional block in.  Factually I always paint the face first, and then I grumble about as I put in the rest of the painting, so this time I’m hitting the rest of the painting first, and then grumbling as I put in the face.  Genius, right?  Changing it up a bit.

This will be my first portrait in a while – I miss it desperately!  It looks a bit cartoonish right now but they tend to do so in my first underpainting stages.

Enjoy the photos (which you could have seen first if you were cool enough to follow my instagram at username kl.britton)


My original design had my French Bulldog in it, but in fact was too small for what I wanted to paint.  I got a huge canvas and I want to use it.  So sadly he was blocked out of the painting design.

loliblockin1 loliblockin2

I bought this new burnt umber which is from some fancy paint maker that cost an arm and a leg (Williamsburg is the name I think.)  Their blue is fantastic, so highly pigmented, but the umber is a little less warm than I prefer my umbers and it’s very confusing.  I’ve tried to add some burnt sienna in but it’s still not as warm as I like my shadows.  We’ll see along the way.  It does give a beautiful rich muted grey, and also that “blue” in the background was created with the ultramarine and the umber, together they just like sing a duet and then fly away on a magic carpet.

Be sure to check out the beginning of my HUGE STUDIO SALE!!! There are studies starting at $15!! YES $15!!! I have only listed the paint studies so far, but there will be drawings added soon for ridiculous prices!  Get them now while you still can (there are 2 bids on the $15 paint study!!)


Thanks for reading my friends!

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