My semi-monthly blog post! Philadelphia Fine Art Keighsie Hu

Hello everyone!  I am writing to say I sold a few paintings recently, and am working on a couple more.


I just sold “Dragon” an 18×24 oil on panel painting.  Parting is such sweet sorrow they say, I will really really miss this one (she’s been sitting on my desk since I painted her, never even listed for sale, but I got an e-mail from my favorite collector and couldn’t say no to sending her to a new happy home!)


This is a sneak peak at a small painting I’m doing now.  Honestly I wanted her beautiful face a lot bigger but I wasn’t able to make the composition read the way I wanted it with a larger face so here is the block in for this one!  I’m so excited!  She’s standing in front of an amazing Bouguereau (but don’t look at me to paint it in all the way…)


Now for sale on e-bay!  A nude that I did over the last week, trying to work in some figurative work.

Click here for the ebay listing – so cheap 😀

That’s all for today!  I will update progress pics of the painting I’m working on this time – but maybe after it’s done.  We’ll see! 😉

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