Academy of Art University Spring Show 2014 – Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu Keighsie Hu


I am writing because I am proud, elated, excited, honored, a billion other fantastic adjectives to be in the ACAU SPRING SHOW!! Yes, that’s right.

I just want to write about WHY this is amazing since it is so mind-blowingly awesome to me but hard to understand for the layman.

Many many years ago I wanted to go to Academy of Art University.  Maybe I found out about it from the advertising on TV, but by the time I was 16 I was certain I would give my left pinky (or thousands of dollars) to go there if I could.  As it was I graduated high school that year (at 16) and started taking just-for-kicks classes at a community college.  I wasn’t able to move to San Francisco, so I just kicked it and took yoga and Japanese and other crazy and useless classes.  At 17, I moved out on my own (with my twin), and because I wanted to be “independent” did not ask my parents for loads of cash that they couldn’t afford to send me to school, and still wasn’t able to move to or afford San Francisco.  I was a ‘dependent’ on my parents to the government, so I couldn’t afford a dime.  I went to community college some more.

Fast forward to 2009, I am now working in advertising and graphic design, and my dream has never died – get this, ACAU started offering ONLINE courses sometime in this timeframe.  I sign up for two classes using hard earned money, having poured over the graduates and students of ACAU who’s work has been exceptional (Hsin Yao Tseng, Jeremy Mann, Quaing Huang, Henry Yan who teaches there, etc etc etc blahblahblah!)  This is exciting!  But unfortunately, I can’t afford more classes.

Come to 2014 – well late 2013, I decide to apply for some art schools, they offer me generous scholarships but honestly they are STILL more expensive even with the scholarships than Academy of Art University, so I decide to do this again.  Mind you I have continued to pour over the artwork again, checking out the Spring Show listings all the time to find artwork of future or present art heroes!  And the UNTHINKABLE HAPPENS

I AM JOINING MY HEROES ON THE WALLS OF THE SPRING SHOW.  For years I have admired their works!  For years!!! Two semesters (one being half time!) I have been in the school (online!)  And YES HERE I AM I AM JOINING MY HEROES THE VERY ONES WHO INSPIRED ME ALL THESE YEARS!

Maybe I will inspire others!  Maybe someone will look at my work and think: I want to paint like that, or how beautiful, or nice eggplant, or that wine glass is really small, or nice frame that cost you an arm and a leg, or whatever, but I will be listed there amongst the best of the best, the awesomest of the awesome, in the Spring Show at ACAU  And this is WHY it’s such a huge deal to me and I still am dancing around in my head like yayayay

And there is a little look into my sensitive side for you!  Enjoy it while you can!  Here is some artwork


In the Spring Show ^


^Not in the Spring show but pretty manly.  There is my dog on the right.


^Also not in Spring Show but who knows if it would be if I had drawn it before the submissions… One can only DREAM!