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Well I guess my blog is not “daily”, particularly now when I am busy with school (which RULES.)  But at least I remembered to update right?

Here are a few things I’ve been working on for school, with some blurbs about the processes of painting, drawing, etc.

m10_hw1_huffman_line  m10_hw1_huffman KeighsieHuffman_bfastilllife_TheEgg_10x14oil

This is one of my favorite paintings I’ve done to date.  I love the compositional options of the birds eye view type of composition.  Seriously awesome.  Also my cool dark brown/red pot that came from some TianJin sour vegetables, 1.79 – you get veggies and this AWESOME pot.  Seriously I’d pay $3 for the pot alone.  Also I think I’m in love with plums, but still find it super challenging to mute my purples, that I make with alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue enough without raising the value.

A few notes about this painting:  I started this method where I will get a good photograph of my composition, then I will draw the line drawing from this – it has the huuuuuge advantage of not being messed up from moving a little bit – and the scale is easier to understand when you have already done the cropping.  I can do this from life, but sometimes over or under estimate the size of an object so it ends up being a little high or low.  Really you can snap a pic on your phone or anywhere, then use that as a tool to set it up – then PAINT FROM LIFE the setup, so you know you’re getting accurate colours, values, subtleties, etc.  Basically this makes my life easier, and allows me to really think about what I want my final painting to look like instead of compensating bad cropping and such.

m10_ex1_huffman_linem10_ex1_huffman_blockin  m10_ex1_huffman

This one is (obviously) fabric related.  Since I did the fabric, I couldn’t simply outline it or I’d get very confused, which area is light?  Which is shadow?  Sometimes the lines of the wrinkles go between both!  So I filled it in a bit.  I love the way it looks with just the line drawing and the scumbled burnt umber in the shadows, honestly I want to do a series of paintings that are deliberately ended at that point some day.


I am really loving anatomy.  Obviously we didn’t do hands yet still, they are this module so I’m not there, but I truly believe my understanding of human form and what makes all the bumps has just come such a long way (from this 945275_10151740897232873_1166446884_n – which you may say “but K., that drawing is not bad,” but I promise you I spent much longer on her arms than I did on the whole other drawings, and still they are stiff and don’t really describe the form of the muscles!  Maybe I will update this drawing now!

Ok to end my long update, check out my ebay now for serious DISCOUNTS and I am actually now taking offers!  I want to move these out to make room for new paintings, and more importantly, I want to go to school next semester, I won’t be able to do either of these unless you check out this cool stuff!


Thank you for reading!