Happy New Year folks – Daily art by Philadelphia Artist K. Hu

Hello everyone!  I’m back from Los Angeles.  Yes, I didn’t mention that I was going.  In fact I have neglected you, dear blog and blog readers, quite a bit lately.  It just makes when I do post all that much sweeter, right?

Here is a lovely study I got to do IN PERSON in front of this gorgeous Bouguereau in PERSON did I mention I did it standing in front  of the actual painting?  Because I was ACTUALLY THERE.  In front of the actual painting, in PERSON!

photo (11)

Yeah that’s whats up.  This is probably 15-20 minutes.  I met the coolest chick named Maddi (ok I know I have the spelling wrong!)  there and she looked like a painting.  Expect that soon.

Anyways that’s what’s up over here.  Get down and boogie.

Stay warm my friends!

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