I am almost there – but I need your help!

I got accepted into two of my dream schools – along with some generous scholarships, but even after that and maxing out my available student loans, I am still just a bit short of going to live my dream (getting a degree in art and then teaching!  Also, opening my own gallery before I die :D)

I am asking for your help.

I have two ways you can help:  One is to purchase one of my super discounted artworks at http://www.khufineart.com/send-me-to-school.html – and the other is to donate (even $1 makes a difference!) at http://www.gofundme.com/5f0dso

Please help me out – it would be an amazing holiday gift for me – and for you if you decide you want a painting or drawing!

Anything you’ve seen on my blog is available at a discount too, please email khufineart@gmail.com for information.

You are so awesome for reading this post, here is an e-hug just for the good vibe 😀 <   ^_^  >


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