Finito! But hard to take pics – Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu Fine Art Artist

photo DSC04357

Well it’s possibly impossible to get a good photo of this.  So here is a detail shot and one from afar… really the lighting is so dramatic jeez I ain’t got time for all this drama.

I hope it looks better on your monitors than it does on mine.


Random Art tip #1 Keighsie Hu Fine Art – Philadelphia Fine Art

Use your paintbrush or pencil or pen or stick with mud to line up the outside corner of the eye to the BOTTOM corner of the nose.  Find the correct angles – and draw the nose from the BOTTOM up.  This will help prevent the natural tendency to overexagerate the nose.


Ebay – a crazy awesome sale. Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu Artist

Get these amazing deals on e-bay while you still can!  I am moving and don’t want to take these with me…

Thanks for looking 😀

Here is a photo of what I’m working on as a reward for clicking because you are awesome.  I am doing a more layery technique than my usual alla prima esque style with this one because it’s tiny and I want it to look very detailed.  Also it’s the first panel I’ve primed on my own.   Celebrate.