A little ditty about how I paint – of course some progress shots – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Art


So here is my wicked awesome panel.  I admit that before this I only used panel once and it was alla prima with no wash and it was very weird and confusing.  This time I did a wash, then painted over it and I looooove it.  Really I am so in love with this panel.  I wonder if it comes bigger than this?  Super sturdy, won’t bend.  I put in the rough outline of where my painting will be.  I need this because I want to make sure I can fit in what I want to say, and it helps me learn my painting well.  The more I draw an image the more familiar I get with what the issues will be, the more I can look at them in the future and fix them in my final painting.

Check out my fresh palette.  I use a piece of gray paper taped to some glass.  Glass is easy to scrape but I have to change the paper now and then when I spill my linseed oil on it (being clumsy, this is more often than I would like to admit.)


Big sexy goops of colour!


So basically in this one, because I’m fully rendering it out, I am starting with just making sure there is paint all over the face.  Faces are my favorite so I start with them.  I want to make sure there aren’t blank spots, because when I go in with detailed rendering those can show or ruin my drawing.  Ok, I ruin my drawing, but I am gonna blame it on the blank spots.


fill fill fill.  Checking out some highlights.  There’s a blank spot where the shadow on the nose meets the nose.


Just fleshing it out more, adding more detail.  The chin I will rework next session.


Ok so this is my final for this session (session… 2 I guess because I did the underpainting but that took under 1 hour so I don’t know if it’s considered one.)  Here you can see my reference.  Yes it’s not quite there yet but it should be soon.  I spent most of my time on the skin tones on the cheeks, which look good, but kinda ignored everything else.


I added the black black background in – I should have done it earlier as now the painting looks relatively light compared to the background.  That’s ok, because I need to add a lot of work to it anyways, but I should have figured that out first.  Normally I do and this time I was kinda hesitant because the dress is black.  Why does that make a difference?  I don’t know, probably just made an excuse because I was too wussy to use my cool giant paint brush.

The size of this is something by 24 I think – It is my largest canvas.  I almost always do portraits on 12×16 so this is a big change for me.  Most of this next series will be on larger canvases than I’m used to because they’re all figurative.

WELL that’s all.  I hope I inspired or helped someone somewhere learn something about painting.  Have a rad evening.

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