Blog exclusive: Sneak peeks at my next project! K. Hu Artist








Hello my friends!  It’s about time I update my blog (right?)  But you can always find me on instagram because that’s where it’s at.  Here are a few updates for you and an exclusive tiny tiny tiny thumbnail preview of my next series of paintings that I am so excited to work on but am taking time out to update my blog just for you instead.  See how much I love you?

Here are some little progress ditties of a small sketch I was doing.




A sketch begun on the plane to LAX and finished on the train to Atlantic City.  I am a country traveler!


Yes, that’s all you get.  Unless you know how to right click and view the original image.  Then hats off to you for being ambitious and caring enough about this photo to actually do so.  Caesar is snoring right now.  Louder than I snore.  There is video proof on youtube.

That is all.


I’ll admit I’m a stinky blog updater! K. Hu Art – Philadelphia Fine Art

I’m blaming instagram.

Also I was in Los Angeles last week for 7 days so forgive me dude.

I’m working on some non-portrait items, but honestly the oranges (clementines) aren’t speaking to me the same way people do!

08-06-13-1 08-06-13-2

Here is my sketch and my block in so far.  I am about halfway through my end stages now and just need to work out some edges but I don’t have a more recent pic.  Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

New classes coming in September from