A long delayed post – Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu Artist


I have been working hard to revamp my website http://khufineart.com

In the mean time I did a very quick colour sketch of some fruits (maybe they have since been eaten, and therefore will never be a real painting….)


It’s a nectarine.  YEAH.


And a blog exclusive, an incredibly glarey most up to date work on my painting.  Should finish the legs today and then work on the couch more.  I got a small paintbrush and am having too much fun with it….

Have an awesome week!


Alla Prima Style – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Artist

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


This is the progress so far (minus some work on the arm I’ve done since this last photo.

Basically I’m breaking it down into little alla prima sections this time – inspired by my last study.  Originally, I paint with an alla prima style – very loose and not a lot of gritty detail.  Lately I’ve become fond of doing some more detailed work, for exercise and practice, but it certainly feels good to get back to my roots and paint like I want to paint (not like I need to.)  I will have some new work available on e-bay tonight – and I have classes coming up in July!  Learn to paint portraits or learn to draw faces.  I have some impressive before and after work from my drawing students I will post sometime here.

I will go into a detailed explanation of the steps I took once I’m finished with the painting.  Til then, have a good one.