Affordable portraits? Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Fine Art


Here is one of my experiments with trying to make a portrait in a really really affordable manner.  I am talking $150 tops.  I am not sure if I can duplicate the process well enough to call it a go, but I will keep you updated.


Here is a colour block in study for my next painting.  It’s gonna be very large, larger than normal, so I wanted to get an idea of what would go where first.  It’s a really small painting, the head is smaller than a penny.

I want to do some more posts on my process so I will be sure to get photos of my painting.  Have an awesome rest of the week!



My first attempt at watercolour plein air… or like anything really. Philadelphia daily fine art sketches K. Hu

So I’ve been updating my instagram a lot, that means you aren’t getting as many updates and for that I apologize.  Here is a really wobbly sketch I did today out my window – I really want to learn how to paint en plein air (I feel like air should be spelled heire or something fancy like that.)  with watercolours, so here is my first try.  I can say that the tacky green trim is accurate.  Actually, it is even more tacky in person.


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My painting is all done – but I can’t take pics yet. Philadelphia Fine Art, K. Hu Fine Art Daily sketching

Actually I have been posting lots on instagram.  Go check it out if you haven’t yet.


My next classes start Tuesday!

Some of my students in the portrait drawing class have tuned out AMAZING work and started practically from scratch with portraits.  They are awesome and I’m so proud.  If I get permission, I will share some here.

I will post a real update with the painting within the week!