Not Quite Finished – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Art – Daily drawings and sketches.

Both of these are works in progress at the almost done stage (I’ve done work on the drawing since this pic, so now it’s almost done.)



You can find these on my instagram, by the way.  Gonna connect it to facebook… one of these days.  Gotta soften some edges on the painting and finish the background.


Turns out, I have instagram – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Fine Art Philadelphia

Hello everyone!  Just an update to let you know I found an old instagram account and decided to start using it again somewhat. Basically I got back on there and found I have 128 followers who mysteriously appeared while I was gone… Might see repeats of what’s on here, but the more the merrier right?

Check me out username khufineart on ~instagram~

It’s an easy place to update real-time progress (like this which will be a finished drawing of my puppy, but is currently in layout mode.)

Yeah. I went there.


I didn’t get enough students for my painting class so I had to improvise to fill the seats.  Obviously he has not finished the painting yet.