Sketches today.


I sold a few sets of drawings to a buyer in Canada.  Thank you very nice Canadian!  I wish shipping was cheaper so you didn’t have to pay so much, but glad you think it’s worth it!



The finished skull drawing.  I think it’s better in person (Oh yeah of course :D)

Anyways, my puppy knows where to go potty, knows how to sit and down, and is generally just a really good dude.  It’s only a matter of time until he becomes world dictator.


Progress – London – Philadelphia Fine Portrait Artist K. Hu


A glarey super sneaky sneak preview of my painting in progress.  Finished to the nose mostly – not lower yet.  Kind of trying a more detailed style.  Personally I prefer my looser brush strokes with less strokes and more action, but I was inspired to do some more detailed work and go back to that once I’m done.  I also have a beautiful model for this, so that’s kind of cheating.  She’s a babe.

Gouache – Ebay – Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu



Here are a few crappy gouache studies I did.  I do not understand gouache.  I try and try and try and I just don’t get it.  It’s like women.

CHECK OUT E-BAY!  There is some great stuff going on right here!!  These deals kick butt!  Can’t beat them for this quality artwork right here.  Because prices are intangible objects.  That’s why you can’t beat them.  Plus it’s just not nice.  What did they ever do to you?


Please vote for me (this time on Pinterest!)

If you are able, please go here: and vote for me.  It takes a few seconds to sign up if you don’t already have an account.  Easy as pie.  Use your spam email if you really want nothing to do with it.  Thank you suuuu much.

Also I am starting a second round of Portrait Painting online on the 23rd.  Here is the link:

But feel free to e-mail me about personal one on one online classes.

Here is a sketch since you’ve been so good.  Unfinished I guess.

photo (7)

If you make a few accounts and press like from all of them for my pinterest entry, I will put up a neatly cropped version out of love.

Have a great evening!


Colour Study for London – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Art

photo 1 (1)

Under an hour colour study with no regard to drawing, tried out new Arches oil paper.  Also I don’t believe I’ve painted this light type more than three times.  I remember every single time because it was like TORTURE.  This one wasn’t so bad.  Or I’m just getting desensitized to the PAIN.

Pretty sure that’s it.

Have an awesome day.