Sketchbook Love – Daily art by K. Hu


Look, you won an award.  It’s one of those parakeet salt licks.  Since you won it, I assume you look like a parakeet.

I got a new moleskine.  Made a promise to draw in it every day (except holidays.) until I run out of paper.  Sadly, I didn’t also promise to update my blog every day but here is some stuff to keep you satisfied til I get to it again.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Some sketches that are going to be in a larger sketchbook at some point.

Well I hope you’re having fun, since you definitely aren’t learning how to make awesome portraits from me.  Unless some of you are, then thank you for taking my class I hope you have fun.  Also let me know if anything I say doesn’t make sense (everything I say doesn’t make sense.)

Have a wicked Wednesday.

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