In Progress – Finished – Painting a Day – K. Hu Fine Art Philadelphia Fine Art

Well, this is not going to be my official photo of this finished painting, but since I can’t seem to snag one, here is one exclusively for people who look at my blog posts:

03111303 - Copy

And also this is what I’m working on next (again, a sneaky preview just for blog readers!)  I am very very excited about this next one as I think it’s gonna be awesome.  Just sayin.  Maybe not awesome but definitely “good”.  😀

03111301 03111302

I’ll probably work more on it today, followed by Karaoke 😀  Not really sure if you can gather any insight into my painting process by simply looking at photos, but I am working on a painting video which I intend to have finished next Tuesday.  That’s also the day that my online portrait painting classes start with Artist’s Network University.    Check them out!

Hope you all have an awesome week.  Keep drawing.

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