THANK YOU – daily art Philadelphia K. Hu


Even though it’s on the right side, I won FIRST place for this contest!!! Actually, my painting, Passion, won last year as well.  I feel honoured to have good friends, acquaintances, readers, and loved ones who are willing to click on vote, spend too much time on the computer so actually find my posts, believe what I have to say might be slightly interesting, and therefore ended up voting for my painting and thus creating a winner out of me!!  Thank goodness since I was getting low on ivory black after doing all those backgrounds 😀

I am still working on that portrait but I have no updates.  I hate it so far, it is really unlike my natural style, the one I want and like, and I feel like I am stuck in a bad relationship.  I’ve put far too much time in to let it go, but it’s very frustrating.

Thanks again to all who voted (and anyone who actually reads this, ever.)

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