Special treatment for my blog readers – K. Hu Fine Art Philadelphia Artist


I like you guys so much, here is a sneaky peek at the painting I have since completed (i.e. filled in the neck and hair…) that should be good to properly photograph tomorrow.  Yeah, I know, I’m a sucker, but I really appreciate you guys.  All two of you.  One being me.  The other being my imaginary friend.  I am trying to update my blog more, that’s all.  Good discipline.  Like a samurai.

I haven’t actually used the value scale hanging there.  I hung it there so I would use it but… I keep forgetting that it’s there.


Sketchbook mania – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Artist

But I will have a painting for you tomorrow, all completed and photographed, in time to enter two big contests I am really excited for.

  photo (2)  photo (3)

The hand is on stage like 2 of like… 5.  The other was a super quick sketch from life while getting some delicious green tea latte.  I have nothing funny to say here as I used all my wit responding to a spam e-mail earlier asking me to marry them (that is what “I have a proposal for you” means, right?)

Have a great Monday!


Sketchbook Love – Daily art by K. Hu


Look, you won an award.  It’s one of those parakeet salt licks.  Since you won it, I assume you look like a parakeet.

I got a new moleskine.  Made a promise to draw in it every day (except holidays.) until I run out of paper.  Sadly, I didn’t also promise to update my blog every day but here is some stuff to keep you satisfied til I get to it again.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Some sketches that are going to be in a larger sketchbook at some point.

Well I hope you’re having fun, since you definitely aren’t learning how to make awesome portraits from me.  Unless some of you are, then thank you for taking my class I hope you have fun.  Also let me know if anything I say doesn’t make sense (everything I say doesn’t make sense.)

Have a wicked Wednesday.

In Progress – Finished – Painting a Day – K. Hu Fine Art Philadelphia Fine Art

Well, this is not going to be my official photo of this finished painting, but since I can’t seem to snag one, here is one exclusively for people who look at my blog posts:

03111303 - Copy

And also this is what I’m working on next (again, a sneaky preview just for blog readers!)  I am very very excited about this next one as I think it’s gonna be awesome.  Just sayin.  Maybe not awesome but definitely “good”.  😀

03111301 03111302

I’ll probably work more on it today, followed by Karaoke 😀  Not really sure if you can gather any insight into my painting process by simply looking at photos, but I am working on a painting video which I intend to have finished next Tuesday.  That’s also the day that my online portrait painting classes start with Artist’s Network University.    Check them out!

Hope you all have an awesome week.  Keep drawing.

Cool stuff on e-bay. An awesome sneak preview of a drawing. Check it out – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Fine Art

This is in progress so don’t mind the mess (yes, it’s dark because it’s a sneaky preview, you will have to wait in eager anticipation for the real thing.  It is as exciting as the wait for Justin Timberlake to release a new song.  Except it won’t be as disappointing when it happens.  Sorry Justin.)

Camera 360

HERE IS A LINK TO COOOOOOOL STUFF on ebay!  It’s so cheap!  It’s so VALUABLE!  Dang!

Well I will hopefully have more for you tomorrow.

… you should be so lucky.

THANK YOU – daily art Philadelphia K. Hu


Even though it’s on the right side, I won FIRST place for this contest!!! Actually, my painting, Passion, won last year as well.  I feel honoured to have good friends, acquaintances, readers, and loved ones who are willing to click on vote, spend too much time on the computer so actually find my posts, believe what I have to say might be slightly interesting, and therefore ended up voting for my painting and thus creating a winner out of me!!  Thank goodness since I was getting low on ivory black after doing all those backgrounds 😀

I am still working on that portrait but I have no updates.  I hate it so far, it is really unlike my natural style, the one I want and like, and I feel like I am stuck in a bad relationship.  I’ve put far too much time in to let it go, but it’s very frustrating.

Thanks again to all who voted (and anyone who actually reads this, ever.)