Announcing – Online Oil Painting Classes through Artist’s Network University Online – Philadelphia Fine Art


First I’d like to talk about a contest I need your votes for:

All you have to do is like it – very easy to vote, no making a login or anything, and I will love you forever.  Voting starts tomorrow (Monday!)  Thank you so much if you do it (if you don’t… you’re mean 😦  But have a good day anyways!)

Next, I would like to say I am starting to teach online classes in Oil Painting and, in the future, drawing.

To check out my class, please go here:

The class starts March 19th and I guarantee a personal class where I will help you individually, no matter what level you are.  Unless you are Rembrandt.  Then you’re on your own dude.  I just can’t help you improve on perfection.

So in other words, please vote for me tomorrow (I will be spamming all over so I doubt you will miss my posts) and if you are interested in learning to paint with oils, I can give you more information.

As usual, there are updates on and most importantly, have an Awesome Sunday!  I know I will (it’s dim sum Sunday.  It can’t go wrong.)


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