Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Fine Art – Drawing and sketching

photo 1

Finished this morning.

Today I am working on a drawing video, which is coming along at snails pace due to the need for me to upload one video at a time to my cloud storage (box is REALLY SLOW) to be able to make room for more.  I am almost going to give up and plug in my ipad, and risk losing my photos just for this video.  But it should be an ok video!

photo 3 photo 2

These are sketches for a future project I am doing with a much larger (these are 4×6) sketchbook.  There are ten lovely pages in the book and I think I will do five paintings (after priming… hope it works right?) and five drawings, and then sell it as a sketchbook.  I think it will be a really cool project either way, as when is filling up a sketchbook not fun, and drawing my friends and family is always a good time.   These sketches shown here are little tiny fast extremely fast sketches playing around with how I am going to layout each portrait in the book.  We’ll see how it goes along.

If you haven’t seen it lately, I did update a while ago with a funky new layout and all that jazz.  I wanted something bold and masculine.  That way people are really confused when they try to figure out whether I am a man or a woman.  I will just let them guess.  Have an awesome week.


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