My last call to vote – pleeeease – painting update – K. Hu art

Here is an update on my painting (with lots of glare so I don’t give away what it actually looks like.)

This is a link to my painting – please go and vote for me, I would be forever grateful!!  If you already voted – you can vote again once a day and today is the last day!

photo (1)

This is a little different than my favorite, chiaroscuro style, or my normal alla prima style – I just want to try some things and find my flow 😀

Please please click and vote!!

Thanks again!


Please vote for me! – Philadelphia Fine Art – Khu art

Here is a post disguised as a progress post:


But really the whole thing is a link to my entry in a contest I would REALLY love to win!!! The only way to do so is by getting your vote!! please click the link – it will take you to facebook where you can vote – you don’t have to log in or create a username or anything, just click on vote!!!

Thank you to all who have done so, and you can vote once per day so don’t feel like I am no longer talking to you 😀

Announcing – Online Oil Painting Classes through Artist’s Network University Online – Philadelphia Fine Art


First I’d like to talk about a contest I need your votes for:

All you have to do is like it – very easy to vote, no making a login or anything, and I will love you forever.  Voting starts tomorrow (Monday!)  Thank you so much if you do it (if you don’t… you’re mean 😦  But have a good day anyways!)

Next, I would like to say I am starting to teach online classes in Oil Painting and, in the future, drawing.

To check out my class, please go here:

The class starts March 19th and I guarantee a personal class where I will help you individually, no matter what level you are.  Unless you are Rembrandt.  Then you’re on your own dude.  I just can’t help you improve on perfection.

So in other words, please vote for me tomorrow (I will be spamming all over so I doubt you will miss my posts) and if you are interested in learning to paint with oils, I can give you more information.

As usual, there are updates on and most importantly, have an Awesome Sunday!  I know I will (it’s dim sum Sunday.  It can’t go wrong.)

Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Fine Art – Drawing and sketching

photo 1

Finished this morning.

Today I am working on a drawing video, which is coming along at snails pace due to the need for me to upload one video at a time to my cloud storage (box is REALLY SLOW) to be able to make room for more.  I am almost going to give up and plug in my ipad, and risk losing my photos just for this video.  But it should be an ok video!

photo 3 photo 2

These are sketches for a future project I am doing with a much larger (these are 4×6) sketchbook.  There are ten lovely pages in the book and I think I will do five paintings (after priming… hope it works right?) and five drawings, and then sell it as a sketchbook.  I think it will be a really cool project either way, as when is filling up a sketchbook not fun, and drawing my friends and family is always a good time.   These sketches shown here are little tiny fast extremely fast sketches playing around with how I am going to layout each portrait in the book.  We’ll see how it goes along.

If you haven’t seen it lately, I did update a while ago with a funky new layout and all that jazz.  I wanted something bold and masculine.  That way people are really confused when they try to figure out whether I am a man or a woman.  I will just let them guess.  Have an awesome week.


Return from Los Angeles – K. Hu Fine Art Philadelphia Fine Art

I have returned from L.A. with a few new references of my good friends, and a few sketches I did along the way.  I didn’t do as many as I would have liked, but I am glad that I can get back to the roll of things since I’ve returned to Philly and my studio.

photo 2 photo 1

The second one was done waiting at the gate for my flight out, the first was done a bit ago.  Both are quick and unfinished.  I also did a drawing recently that I haven’t really finished the way I want it yet.

Here was it’s unfinished state, which I honestly liked a little better than the way it came out:


Well I hope you guys had a great week or week and a half!  I know I did!  I took Virgin Airlines on the way back, and other than the delay, let me say, the neighboring seats must have been perturbed by my dancing to the awesome music selection they have to listen to on the flight.  I tried not to reach out into their seats as I did the robot, but you know, some things can’t be helped.