Back from Winter Break! Philadelphia Fine Art

So I’ve returned from neglecting you, my lovely blog!  Here is an iPad sketch as an apology.

photo 1

This is about ten minutes of work and has  a lot to change, but it’s the only thing I could find to post (er.. I had a very ‘relaxing’ holiday in the Bahamas!)  Not to worry, I am back on track for 2013.

In the meantime, check out what I’ve got on e-bay right now.  Some great deals on fine art for your home or as a late Holiday gift (were you living under a rock for the past two weeks or on international waters on your way to the Bahamas?  Don’t worry you can still make up for it with some great art gifts!)

I am just gonna throw a plug in here for my custom portraits!  Preserve your loved one’s legacy, and immortalize them on paper.  They start at $38 for an 11×14 charcoal portrait.  Examples available at my website  If someone can beat this deal with the same caliber, I will totally do some price matching guarantee thing.  Send me a link (so I can send them threatening e-mails about raising their prices before anyone notices! >:D)

Have a great Friday!


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