Holidays! Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Art

This season, I have neglected updating much on here – but after the holidays I will be back!

Here is some stuff for you:

Jingle bells, batman…?


And to disguise this post as a post about art here is a drawing:

photo 4 (1)

It’s available on EBAY right NOW with THREE other drawings starting under $40.  What better gift to give your loved ones?  Besides video games.  But video games only last until you beat them or lose interest, drawings last until they fall off the wall and someone steps on them, or you spill coffee on them.  And even then you can say it’s just modern art.  See?  You can’t lose.


Have a wonderful week and then some – as I will be going to the Bahamas until the 24th and probably won’t update until then.

Here is an ipad sketch in the realm of my old oekaki sketches:

photo (1)

The thing I miss most about oekaki, though, is the feedback I got from people.  People would let you know what was up with your drawing, the flaws and stuff, it isn’t like facebook where you can only “like” something and people are full of compliments.  SOMEONE PLZ CRITIQUE THIS STUFF.  I want to get better!  Not that I don’t enjoy compliments from time to time 😉

Alright happy holidays!  Bye!


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