Figure drawings – Drawing a day – K. Hu Art – Philadelphia Fine Art

Did a figure drawing session last night with the incredibly inspiringly artistically gorgeous model who shall not be named in case she prefers to be anonymous, who I forgot last time I saw her I wanted to paint her portrait very badly.  She has this incredibly face structure that just says “Please, paint me, paint me now!” and she’s cool and speaks Chinese, so there is no way to lose.  There is some great side boob going on here.

Here is another drawing:

Pretty sure she is skinnier than this… but umm… ANYWAY.

I go to Rittenhouse Drawing Group on Tuesdays.  If you don’t go and you live in the Philly area, you’re missing out.  Mostly because you don’t get to see me on Tuesdays.  And I will undoubtedly invite you out to karaoke afterwards where I will prove that my singing is far better than my artwork!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I will post a picture of the pumpkin pie I make with a mouth watering descriptive paragraph about me delightfully consuming it to make you jealous.

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