Mini – 6×8 Painting a day – K. Hu Fine Artist – Philadelphia Fine Art

Hello blog reader(s)!  I am sorry for the long delay, I actually did finish another painting in between but I have been busy with other things and haven’t had a chance to update!  Here is a little painting I did, 8×6.  The third picture is most accurate in colours, but was unfinished when I took it.

My brain cannot comprehend this anomaly where I get a GREAT photo with accurate colours and great focus right before I finish, and then after find it impossible to recreate.  I call it the law of sucky photos of art.  It is a law, if you don’t believe me do some oil painting of your own.

Do you want to own this pouty face?  It’s very cheap to own only $150 for my mini paintings – and it’s an artwork you can have for many years when it appreciates to be worth about $1,000,000.  Great investment.

Guaranteed return- but maybe not until your kids kids kids are alive.

And by that time, it may only be worth $151..

Can’t go wrong, right?

Have a good evening!

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