Figure Drawing – Drawing a day – Philadelphia Fine Art Artist K. Hu

One of my drawings from last night.  Had a great time and went to karaoke after, then proceeded to have awesome conversations about spirituality and that sort of thing with another artist friend of mine.  I love it when you can connect with someone on that level.

To me, art is like meditating.  I concentrate so hard on what I am doing that I completely zone out of anything and everything around me (exceptions when I listen to epic music, I know it has the subconscious effect of making me believe I am actually battling robots, rather than putting paint on canvas!)  It is very intense and personal, and I have to do it or else I will feel the need to do it until it is all I can think about.

Anyways maybe I will go battle some robots!  Have a wonderful rest of Wednesday.  Don’t forget that my portrait “Haunted” is available on e-bay at an extremely affordable starting price!   It won’t last long!  Would make a fantastic, out of the norm Christmas gift for anyone.  Unless there was someone out there who hated art.  Then I recommend you get them some underwear, you can’t go wrong with underwear.  Unless you buy them the wrong size.

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