Thanksgiving is coming! – Daily art Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu Artist

Some digital stuff I was working on.  Or more, my excuse to spend a lot of time sitting and drinking milk tea.  It makes me feel productive.

I did this in a Halloween spirit a couple weeks ago.  It’s on gessoed watercolour paper.  It definitely tries to suck up all the paint, but overall not a bad canvas.

Watercolour.  I have painted bunches of these little faces in watercolour that I’ve left around art supply stores and kids sections in museums – anywhere I can get my hands on watercolours.  If you own one it will be worth something one day (I’m talking to you, Jerry’s Artarama Tempe customers!)  I also like drawing them in pastel and pencil at all sample stations.  I gotta admit I use a lot of samples.  But then – I buy lots of art supplies, so we’re even.

Anyways, I can’t think of anything witty to write here.  So here is a picture of a wombat:

You think it’s cute and smiling, but really it’s just glad it’s plan to take over the world is under way.  Hah!

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