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The light washed out some black parts.  Oh well!


Here’s some graphite drawings.  They look much nicer in real life (I promise.  Come see them.  And buy them.  It’ll save me e-bay fees.)

Any good ideas for good karaoke songs?  I go after figure drawing every week I can.  Someone in Philadelphia come sing the girls part of Timeless by Jang Ri In and Xiah – We’ll pretend we’re going to sing the English version!  It’s genius.

Have an awesome Wednesday!



Out drinking tea and drawing on the iPad – K. Hu art

This is what I do when I am out drinking tea.  I doodle on my iPad.  I call it productive, even if it’s frequently interrupted by checking facebook and playing Angry Birds Star Wars.

here’s what’s next:

Something is wrong wi the angle of the cheek on the far side – how come it’s easier to paint on the iPad?  Oh yeah – the undo button and thumbnails hahaha!  I see now I need to raise he bulk of the cheek up a bit.  I am not super wit today so that’s all!  Have a radical Tuesday evening.

Painting a day – Philadelphia Fine Art – Happy Thanksgiving – K. Hu Artist


Oil on Linen


Available here 

I am disguising this as a post about art…

but really it’s a post about the pie:

Definitely the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever made, loaded with spices (see how dark it is?  That’s because it is spicy!) and tasty.  Used the leftovers to make a pudding and it is also super rich and spicy.

Hope you had an awesome day whether you celebrated or not!

Figure drawings – Drawing a day – K. Hu Art – Philadelphia Fine Art

Did a figure drawing session last night with the incredibly inspiringly artistically gorgeous model who shall not be named in case she prefers to be anonymous, who I forgot last time I saw her I wanted to paint her portrait very badly.  She has this incredibly face structure that just says “Please, paint me, paint me now!” and she’s cool and speaks Chinese, so there is no way to lose.  There is some great side boob going on here.

Here is another drawing:

Pretty sure she is skinnier than this… but umm… ANYWAY.

I go to Rittenhouse Drawing Group on Tuesdays.  If you don’t go and you live in the Philly area, you’re missing out.  Mostly because you don’t get to see me on Tuesdays.  And I will undoubtedly invite you out to karaoke afterwards where I will prove that my singing is far better than my artwork!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I will post a picture of the pumpkin pie I make with a mouth watering descriptive paragraph about me delightfully consuming it to make you jealous.

Mini – 6×8 Painting a day – K. Hu Fine Artist – Philadelphia Fine Art

Hello blog reader(s)!  I am sorry for the long delay, I actually did finish another painting in between but I have been busy with other things and haven’t had a chance to update!  Here is a little painting I did, 8×6.  The third picture is most accurate in colours, but was unfinished when I took it.

My brain cannot comprehend this anomaly where I get a GREAT photo with accurate colours and great focus right before I finish, and then after find it impossible to recreate.  I call it the law of sucky photos of art.  It is a law, if you don’t believe me do some oil painting of your own.

Do you want to own this pouty face?  It’s very cheap to own only $150 for my mini paintings – and it’s an artwork you can have for many years when it appreciates to be worth about $1,000,000.  Great investment.

Guaranteed return- but maybe not until your kids kids kids are alive.

And by that time, it may only be worth $151..

Can’t go wrong, right?

Have a good evening!

Figure Drawing – Drawing a day – Philadelphia Fine Art Artist K. Hu

One of my drawings from last night.  Had a great time and went to karaoke after, then proceeded to have awesome conversations about spirituality and that sort of thing with another artist friend of mine.  I love it when you can connect with someone on that level.

To me, art is like meditating.  I concentrate so hard on what I am doing that I completely zone out of anything and everything around me (exceptions when I listen to epic music, I know it has the subconscious effect of making me believe I am actually battling robots, rather than putting paint on canvas!)  It is very intense and personal, and I have to do it or else I will feel the need to do it until it is all I can think about.

Anyways maybe I will go battle some robots!  Have a wonderful rest of Wednesday.  Don’t forget that my portrait “Haunted” is available on e-bay at an extremely affordable starting price!   It won’t last long!  Would make a fantastic, out of the norm Christmas gift for anyone.  Unless there was someone out there who hated art.  Then I recommend you get them some underwear, you can’t go wrong with underwear.  Unless you buy them the wrong size.

Daily sketches – Philadelphia Fine Art – Artist K. Hu

My favorite of the day – Available on e-bay right here!

I leave you with this.. what life was like before instagram:

Have a good Monday!  Gonna go sing tomorrow, and figure drawing at Rittenhouse Drawing Group, because that’s where it’s goin’ down in Philly.  Probably get some tea too.  Gonna be an awesome day.  I just booked our Christmas vacation, a cruise to the Bahamas.  If you have never been on a cruise, you don’t understand how wonderful that is.  If you have, you feel me.  There will be karaoke EVERY night.  And free food, all over, all day, every day. 24 hour room service, for free?  I’ll take two.  Maybe not two, gotta save room for the other food and stay in shape for the free on board mini golf and stuff.  Cruising the ocean down to the tropical Bahamas.  That’s where I’ll be this December.  See you there.

Thanksgiving is coming! – Daily art Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu Artist

Some digital stuff I was working on.  Or more, my excuse to spend a lot of time sitting and drinking milk tea.  It makes me feel productive.

I did this in a Halloween spirit a couple weeks ago.  It’s on gessoed watercolour paper.  It definitely tries to suck up all the paint, but overall not a bad canvas.

Watercolour.  I have painted bunches of these little faces in watercolour that I’ve left around art supply stores and kids sections in museums – anywhere I can get my hands on watercolours.  If you own one it will be worth something one day (I’m talking to you, Jerry’s Artarama Tempe customers!)  I also like drawing them in pastel and pencil at all sample stations.  I gotta admit I use a lot of samples.  But then – I buy lots of art supplies, so we’re even.

Anyways, I can’t think of anything witty to write here.  So here is a picture of a wombat:

You think it’s cute and smiling, but really it’s just glad it’s plan to take over the world is under way.  Hah!

The long delay – Halloween Costumes, Figure Drawings – Philadelphia Fine Art Daily Artist K. Hu

Sorry for the delay, I was working on Halloween (which was important due to there being $2.00 Chipotle burritos for those in costume.  If there were a better reason to spend time to dress up and go out looking decked, I have yet to figure it out.  Other than the free candy, of course.)

Here is a male somewhere around 10 minute figure drawing, since I think I have never posted one.  Also there are new listings on my ebay click here to see them   That’s all for today, hope you had a fantastic Halloween.  I made out like a bandit.  I also made out with a bandit.   I don’t think anyone reads this far so I am going to write hilarious stuff down the page from now on.  Here is a hilarious gif http://imgur.com/a/5F0xI