Different mediums – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Fine Art

I like experimenting with mediums I haven’t really used before.  I have, honestly, never sat down and given soft pastel sticks a fair chance, so I did today.  My conclusion:  I’ll stick with oil painting!  I admire greatly the people who can use pastel to it’s fullest, they create some amazing, inspiring works!  But it’s not for me.  I feel like you would need each value in each colour to get anything right from pastels.  This pastel drawing is a good example of why I don’t use pastel or intend to use pastel in the future, but my small set is nice to keep around.

Next to try in mediums I always admire people using well because I stink at them:  Watercolour.

By the way I decided to use this reference as I have drawn it a few times so I am familiar with it quite intimately.  This makes it much, much easier to focus on my medium instead of worrying about getting the drawing right or whatnot.  Insert some witty and funny commentary here. 😀


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