Quick Drawings from Last night – And some Dr. Sketchy’s Drawings – K. Hu Fine Art Philadelphia Fine Art

While not a traditional subject, here is a 20 minute pose I did on my iPad at Dr. Sketchy’s Saturday.  I went on a very romantic date there, it’s definitely a great place to take the person you are trying to woo, as scantily clad old-timey women are never a bad thing to get people in the mood.  To draw I mean.  Jeez, what were you thinking?

I hesitate to post this because the head is too big, but it won be $25 in the contest, so I am doing it anyways.  See?  Drawing can be a very lucrative business.

Boring quick figure drawing

Even quicker.  I feel I’ve lost some of my touch, gotta get it back, not sure what I changed, but I think I am on to something.  Not in these drawings, obviously, this was before I decided I needed to change.  But look forward to next time (and if they do not meet quality standards, pretend I didn’t say anything!)

Meanwhile, does anyone know how to reduce glare on a painting without reducing the depth of colour?  I am finding it impossible, at least with my iPad camera.  See how I capitalized the P in Pad.  That comes from my iPad autocorrecting me so many times that I now write it with a capital P.  See, these things work.

There are some minor updates on my website, mostly about classes, supplies for classes, etc.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Digital art – iPad art – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu artist

I finished my most recent painting, but until I get a photo of it, here are some digital works I do as little quick sketches when I’m bored, or studies when I’m out and want to continue painting.

I love my iPad, much easier to carry around than paints (or even charcoals.) BUT it’s not as intuitive as using a utensil to draw if you use your finger, or with a stylus they tend to stick a bit.  Still, you can’t beat it for the convenience.

This was the study for my most recent painting.  And see I did it at a tea place while killing time (and getting caffeine) before figure drawing.  Very convenient 😀  Value studies are really important to me, which is why I usually do a full drawing first.  Also this is a good example of the real reason I want to do art.  Naked women.  😉

I realize her left eye is wayyy off on it’s own up there, but unfortunately there is no copy paste, and since I was working way up close on here and my big finger (which is really a small finger but… you get the idea) was in the way… well anyways I did this on part of a plane ride from L.A. to Phila.  😀

A super quick 10 minute study on a bus to NY

Even though I didn’t put a lot of thought in the drawing here, this helped take this painting to the next level.  I couldn’t figure out what I didn’t like about my painting, so I drew this and went crazy (because, well, there’s an undo button!) and then I figured out what I needed to do.  The painting of this is my favorite painting to date and all because I did this little ditty

Bernard the most handsome cat of all time.  Sorry if you have a cat and you think he is more handsome, you are wrong.  I think he won an award or something for it.  If he didn’t, I will make one of those cheesy late 90’s gif awards that used to go on websites with cat gifs and then you will know he’s legit.  I don’t do animal portraits often, but it’s something I want to get into.

I think I posted this one before I went crazy with the smudge tool.  I’m still not really getting edges where I want them, so I’m practicing away.  Also in the upper left hand corner there is a hunky dude wearing a sweatshirt.  ONLY a sweatshirt, and it is unzipped quite a ways.  You’re welcome, ladies.

And lastly, preliminary stages of a drawing.  Doodling is fun and even more so when you can doodle with colour and mess around with things without permanency.  Thank you ipad for making me even lazier about remembering to bring my sketchbook.

And for a good laugh, here is a public service message that I think is really important for people to know:


It’s a dangerous addiction!! Be careful!








Figure Drawings – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Artist


Here’s a few quick drawings from last night’s figure drawing.

And a sneaky sneak peek at my next painting, which just needs a few more touches to be considered finished.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!! I know I will (I’m going to karaoke tonight to sing my heart out.. and mostly for the free appetizers.)


Figure Drawings – Drawing a day – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Artist

These are from Tuesday – Will have more this coming Tuesday.  I go to Rittenhouse Drawing Group, and all are welcome, Tuesdays 7-9.  For updates and cancellations find the sign up for the e-mail list.  It’s a great group and the artist who runs it, Mark Bullen, is fantastic.  The models are always great as well.

It’s a new week!  Hope it’s fantastic!

A Halloween Portrait – Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu K. Liu Fine Art

I have been working on Halloween costumes, and thus neglecting my blog.  Because, of course, Halloween is the coolest and best holiday of the year.  Even with the Christmas spirit, there is no generosity like that on Halloween when every house gives candy to every trick or treater and absolutely free.  Plus you get to dress up in some kind of costume you can’t wear the rest of the year without being asked if you are going to a costume party (trust me, I’ve tried this many times.)

This oil sketch is on watercolour paper.  First time I’ve used it and I gessoed the crap out of it.  It seemed to be just fine for an oil sketch, but I can’t say I would use it for more serious work.  I think I would if I knew a better and less absorbent gesso to lay on.

Have a fantastic rest of Thursday!

Don’t forget to check out what I have on e-bay – as I keep lowering my prices!


Different mediums – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Fine Art

I like experimenting with mediums I haven’t really used before.  I have, honestly, never sat down and given soft pastel sticks a fair chance, so I did today.  My conclusion:  I’ll stick with oil painting!  I admire greatly the people who can use pastel to it’s fullest, they create some amazing, inspiring works!  But it’s not for me.  I feel like you would need each value in each colour to get anything right from pastels.  This pastel drawing is a good example of why I don’t use pastel or intend to use pastel in the future, but my small set is nice to keep around.

Next to try in mediums I always admire people using well because I stink at them:  Watercolour.

By the way I decided to use this reference as I have drawn it a few times so I am familiar with it quite intimately.  This makes it much, much easier to focus on my medium instead of worrying about getting the drawing right or whatnot.  Insert some witty and funny commentary here. 😀


Completed – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Artist

This is the only washed out preview picture you get for now as I need to properly photograph it.  I find I am more satisfied with this painting than I thought I would be, and I am really getting my style in these.  I love showing parts of the canvas in my paintings, and in the bottom right I left some wash so you can see it peeking through, as well as a few scraped on areas in the shirt.

Have a radical Tuesday!