Progress – Philadelphia Fine Art – Artist K. Hu

I had a really odd occurrence as I’ve been working on this piece.  I have broken these down into little sections I’ve worked one at a time, and in doing so, each feature of my models face is being ingrained into my head with a really intense accuracy.

So what happened was, I saw my model (after working on this painting for a few hours) and my brain reacted to his -features-!  It wasn’t like I recognized him, it was like I was recognizing individually each different feature on him like “Oh I know that is Albert’s nasolabial crease!”

It was a weird feeling, it is very interesting what our brain does when we are painting.  At the time I felt like I could have drawn each feature as seen here with an intimidating accuracy.  But now I’ve been slubbing around a bit and lost the feeling.  Still really cool experience!

Updated the site: with my newest painting and drawings in misc. sketches.

Have a wonderful weekend if I don’t post!

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