Progress – Philadelphia Fine Art – Artist K. Hu

I had a really odd occurrence as I’ve been working on this piece.  I have broken these down into little sections I’ve worked one at a time, and in doing so, each feature of my models face is being ingrained into my head with a really intense accuracy.

So what happened was, I saw my model (after working on this painting for a few hours) and my brain reacted to his -features-!  It wasn’t like I recognized him, it was like I was recognizing individually each different feature on him like “Oh I know that is Albert’s nasolabial crease!”

It was a weird feeling, it is very interesting what our brain does when we are painting.  At the time I felt like I could have drawn each feature as seen here with an intimidating accuracy.  But now I’ve been slubbing around a bit and lost the feeling.  Still really cool experience!

Updated the site: with my newest painting and drawings in misc. sketches.

Have a wonderful weekend if I don’t post!


The process of a painting – Cassandra – Philadelphia Fine Art K. Hu Artist

I always start with a burnt sienna/ultramarine wash, and then I do a drawing to layout my painting in just burnt sienna.  In most of my paintings, I begin painting everything at once.  I like to immediately know what my lightest (or nearly) and darkest values are going to be, as well as get temperature relationships as soon as possible.

I’m putting all the big blocks of colour in, as well as putting a wash down in my darkest areas, this being the hair.  The colour is still in big chunks, not super detailed, and most of the edges look the same.

Continuing to add, and fix any drawing errors I have.  I have a better idea now of what I will eventually do with the background and edges.

I’ve washed in the background, and put all my edges where I want them.  I softened edges using values and brush strokes, and fixed a few drawing issues

Finally, I add an extra hard edge in the eye to make it more eye catching.  Those are probably the hardest edges in the painting, and I like that.

And I’m totally satisfied.  I think if I put in the rest, it would look too much like it was trying to be something it’s not.  While I deeply admire with an extreme adoration all types of realism, for me I want to show “this is a painting” and an “intimate portrait” but not a photograph.  I try to show my brush strokes or leave chunks of colours in places when I can.  I think it makes it look like a painting, and that is what I want to convey.

Have a great rest of Wednesday!



New Drawings! Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Art

Just did some new drawings.  In fact I have done many lately, most of which are going straight to ebay (and are available here.)

Check out more on my listings!  As always, feel free to connect with me on facebook at

Here is another new one for the road:

There’s a flaw on the nose so it’s currently in my ebay starting at only 18.88!

Have a wonderful rest of Wednesday!  I will be painting more by next week, so wait for those updates soon!  And I am still working on those videos I promised.

Figure Drawing, Painting Progress, and more! Philadelphia Fine Artist K. Hu Art


Tuesday’s figure drawing session was very fun.  The model was very lovely, had a beautiful figure, and I gave her my card so I could contact her later about posing for a portrait.  Her cheeks were great.

Figure drawing is definitely something I need a lot more practice on.  I draw portraits so often that I am getting quite adept at putting together my particularly detailed ones, but I have been neglecting other subjects (including painting!)

This is the beginning of the portrait I am working on currently.  It should be done by next week sometime.  I am taking my time on it since I have been dedicating most of my time to drawing lately.  I was contacted recently for a commission for a floral painting similar to the other one I had painted.

Well that’s all, I will keep you updated on the progress of my painting, and I will post to let you know when my most recent drawings go on e-bay.  I am also working on that video demonstration that I mentioned earlier to be done by the end of the month.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!