My first interview! – Philadelphia Fine Art Artist Custom Portrait


This quick charcoal portrait I did of an amazing fashion blogger, Cassandra.  Her blog is here and it is fantastic.  She did an interview of me while I was in California which you can check out here.  I was honoured to be featured in her awesome blog!  I was inspired by her look, and she agreed to model for me for some paintings!

I have been doing mostly drawings lately, custom portraits, and sales on e-bay.  I will be painting again closer to the end of summer as schedule permits.  Here is my latest drawing, on e-bay with just one bid:

Here is the ebay link so you can check it out yourself 🙂

I hope you are all having as wonderful and relaxing summer as I am (if you can’t tell by my lack of posts, I’ve been slacking off quite a bit!)  Have a wonderful rest of Monday!

Pow Pow Look:

My Interview:



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