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Here’s a little showing of how my drawings are in the middle and final stages.  This particular drawing is currently unfinished, but I wanted to use it as an example.  It’s a drawing I’m using as a sketchup of a painting I plan to do.  In the first picture you see here, it’s definitely rough.  It’s by far my favorite stage: Big, loose lines, artsy strokes, but it lacks the accuracy and detail I need for this drawing.   If I could end every single drawing at this stage, I would, and I would love it!  In this case, however, since I’m doing this as a serious portrait, I need to get into more detail.

Please keep in mind I’m not close to finishing this drawing yet, there are some large chunks of values that need to be corrected, but as you can see, the level of detail is definitely up.  It’s more accurate, because I’ve gone in and drawing the separate areas of the face.  I still have to do the big cheek, but finished the nose,  the eye on the left, and that part of the cheek.  I’ll post the finished drawing when I get it done.

So for me, a detailed drawing like this will help me when I’m painting by showing me which parts of the painting are going to be hard to do (the same parts I find hard to draw, I find hard to paint!)

Have a wonderful evening!


“Renew” Female portrait Charcoal on Vellum – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Fine Art


Charcoal on layout bond vellum
Signed by the artist.
11×14 charcoal on layout bond vellum
Original work, not a print.
Hello!  Our very long and wonderful summer vacation has finally come to an end, so I’m back.  Here is my most recent sketch, available on e-bay with a very low starting bid!  Also available in my other items for sale are a beautiful painting of flowers, and two sketches that were layouts for the painting “Still” and the unnamed sister painting, which were both sold recently.
Here’s to a wonderful and productive week!

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Now on e-bay – Jumeaux Series and more!

Hi all!  Hope you are having a great week.  I just finished my third proper lesson with a drawing student, who is excelling at drawing, coming from having been a complete beginner.  Here is his latest work:

I am really impressed with the way he drew this!

I picked this picture of Frodo for my student because of the awesome basic large shapes that are easy to see (and therefore easier to put down on paper.)  Also, Lord of the Rings can be credited as what got me into drawing (and eventually painting!)  When it came out, I was inspired.  I drew all kinds of pictures of the characters during classes.  My first what I considered to be ‘good’ drawing was of Gandalf.  I will post more about that and possibly a drawing timeline sometime soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sold! Pur Deux, etc. – Philadelphia Fine Art – Daily art blog


This morning I woke up to SOLD two paintings!   I am in the midst of photographing A. Liu, the model for my “Amazing Spiderman” painting, to do another portrait of him.  There will be a drawing first, of course, and then I will be picking painting back up later this month.  Hope you are all having a great week!

My first interview! – Philadelphia Fine Art Artist Custom Portrait


This quick charcoal portrait I did of an amazing fashion blogger, Cassandra.  Her blog is here and it is fantastic.  She did an interview of me while I was in California which you can check out here.  I was honoured to be featured in her awesome blog!  I was inspired by her look, and she agreed to model for me for some paintings!

I have been doing mostly drawings lately, custom portraits, and sales on e-bay.  I will be painting again closer to the end of summer as schedule permits.  Here is my latest drawing, on e-bay with just one bid:

Here is the ebay link so you can check it out yourself 🙂

I hope you are all having as wonderful and relaxing summer as I am (if you can’t tell by my lack of posts, I’ve been slacking off quite a bit!)  Have a wonderful rest of Monday!

Pow Pow Look:

My Interview:



Return from holiday – SOLD gallery – K. Hu – Philadelphia Fine Art Artist Daily


Hello!  I’m back from Los Angeles.  Right before I left, I sold two paintings, a few drawings, and a drawing commission.  My client was very pleased with the results.  My charcoal portraits are $35 for one portrait on 11×14 layout bond, plus shipping.  I can draw your family, children, significant others, parents, deceased loved ones, or your favorite characters.  Makes a great gift!

I have a new drawing for sale right now, and I intend to get started on writing more articles for this blog.  One should be on photo colours, as the two paintings above are in an identical colourway (they match in the background and dress.)

Well this update is brief, but I just wanted to let you know I’ve returned!



Charcoal on Layout Bond

Available on E-Bay starting at an affordable $27.88!!