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Charcoal on layout bond




New portrait study – Inspiration – Female portrait oil on board – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu fine art


Oil on Board


Click here to view listing bid (starting at only $28.88!)

I’m really digging doing these studies and drawings, I want to get on the drawing focus mode more.  It is my intention and goal to do 2-3 drawings or short paintings per day for a while.  I hope I can keep up and still remember to update my blog (I would think by now it was natural, but unfortunately my vacation lapse really interrupted my flow.)

Hope you have a wonderful rest of Thursday!

Colour sketching – Daily art – Philadelphia fine art

Here is what I’ve been up to today besides getting my house in order.  I just got an iPad for traveling, since it’s a pain to bring my paints and they always have to go through my bag at TSA when I do.  Plus it’s more convenient than paint, canvas, easel, etc.  I can make accurate colour sketches on it and take lovely photos if I don’t want to bring my real camera.  Here is what I’ve been doing today with reference photos (thIs will be very beneficial from life painting!)Not too worried about drawing here just trying to get a colour scheme down and practice since I struggle with warm lighting.

This was done on procreate on iPad.  Have a great rest of Wednesday!

A preview – daily sketch – Philadelphia Fine Art

Hello all! I apologize for the long delay in my posting – I came down with a cold after I came back from Dallas and wasn’t quite able to recover. Here is a sneak preview of what I am working on currently.
Right now I am working from my iPad (which automatically capitalized the pad in iPad) so this is pretty brief, but I promise an update tomorrow (a finished drawing perhaps!)