First ever Floral painting by K. Hu – Sketches – Daily – Philadelphia Fine Art


Here is the first ever floral painting I’ve ever done!  I will photograph it properly tomorrow.

I have returned from a very fun Dallas trip with another set of paintings in my head, which I will get started on once these flowers die.  I’ve only once or twice painted things that aren’t people, and most of the time it reinforced my love for painting people, but I haven’t painted flowers before.  The fact is, it’s super fun to put those vivid pigments on the canvas!  I love it, it allows so much freedom for composition, and while this painting isn’t nearly up to the par I intend to be, it’s my very first and I’m feeling great about this start!

Tomorrow I intend to see if there are spaces available at the Portrait Society of America’s annual conference here in Philadelphia.  If there are, I’ll be there all day (see you there!)

Here is a sketch I did at Tapioca Express in Dallas area:

Well, I’ll talk to you tomorrow (unless I’m at PSOA, then I’ll update next on Saturday!)

Have a great Friday!

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