Portrait Society of America 2012 – Drawing – Philadelphia Fine Art – Artist K. Hu – Aya Hu Portrait

Here’s today’s work.  I haven’t had a chance to properly photograph my floral since I went to PSoA Friday.  I got Pan Pastel there, which I used on this quick drawing (less than 2 hours.)  I am making a new goal to do 2-3 of these portraits a week, as well as my other paintings.  I will start on my new series after I do one more floral painting, depending on how long the flowers live.

Tomorrow I’m visiting the newly opened Barnes Museum here in Philadelphia.  Should be fun.

At PSOA I got to see demos by Michelle Dunaway, Susan Lyon, David Kassan, Robert Liberace, Burt Silverman, and more!  It was awesome, the ‘classes’ I attended were very fun, and Robert Liberace’s demo made me swoon!  So did the others, but I’m just taking a tangent here to go on about how awesome his demo was and the anatomy was beautiful.   I will post a few pictures of the demos tomorrow!  In the meantime, here is me and David Kassan

Have a wonderful long weekend!


First ever Floral painting by K. Hu – Sketches – Daily – Philadelphia Fine Art


Here is the first ever floral painting I’ve ever done!  I will photograph it properly tomorrow.

I have returned from a very fun Dallas trip with another set of paintings in my head, which I will get started on once these flowers die.  I’ve only once or twice painted things that aren’t people, and most of the time it reinforced my love for painting people, but I haven’t painted flowers before.  The fact is, it’s super fun to put those vivid pigments on the canvas!  I love it, it allows so much freedom for composition, and while this painting isn’t nearly up to the par I intend to be, it’s my very first and I’m feeling great about this start!

Tomorrow I intend to see if there are spaces available at the Portrait Society of America’s annual conference here in Philadelphia.  If there are, I’ll be there all day (see you there!)

Here is a sketch I did at Tapioca Express in Dallas area:

Well, I’ll talk to you tomorrow (unless I’m at PSOA, then I’ll update next on Saturday!)

Have a great Friday!

Sketching at the Philadelphia Museum of Art – Philadelphia Fine Artist K. Hu

Today I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  They have some fine artwork there, a beautiful Lawrence Alma-Tadema!  There aren’t too many places to sit near paintings, and they only allow you to use pencil to sketch there (which, well, I certainly have an opinion about) but it was fun!  The second floor of the art museum is like a mini Disney World but with art.  It’s very fun to be in a Japanese garden and a romanesque courtyard, and a medieval church!  As well, they have the giant beautiful rococo and neoclassical rooms.

This week I’ll be going to Dallas from Wednesday, and will be there til the 21, so I may not update often during that time.  I plan to have much to post when I get back as my main model (Aya Hu) lives there.

Have a great Sunday!

Almost there – Philadelphia fine art – K. Hu artist

It’s once again quite gloomy, otherwise I can’t wait to put together my next, more comprehensive video!  Maybe there will be some sun tomorrow (this gloom for the past 5 or so days is also having an effect on me!)  This should be done tomorrow as well.  Have a wonderful Thursday and see you tomorrow (or Saturday, I intend to see the Avengers tomorrow so might not be around to post!)  Bye!

A work in progress – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu Art artist

A sneak preview of what I’m working on.  I should be done end of tomorrow or so!  I am absolutely in love with painting this – not even the final product but I feel I am getting endorphins just painting it.  I am immensely enjoying the process and will beat at it again tomorrow to finish.  Have a great rest of Wednesday!

Still Sequence demonstration video – Philadelphia Fine Art – K. Hu artist

Yesterday was quite gloomy so I didn’t get a chance to photograph the next finished painting in this series, but I’ve started on my next series and here is a small walkthrough demo compiled of photos I took while painting.  On my recently completed painting, I took more detailed photographs and the video will be more comprehensive (and longer!)  So I am excited to get my final if not simply to make another video!  It’s so fun!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!