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“Pur Quatre” – Philadelphia Fine Art

This is going to rest as semi-unfinished.  I am not going to work on it until after my next project, but I got it to an ending point, where I will leave it.  It’s basically a glorified block in – and the colours came out a little bright on the screen as they are more muted on the painting.  But I promised to update!

Even though it’s just a block in, I kind of dig the geometricness of it.  But!  Maybe I won’t be able to post tomorrow, definitely will over the weekend.  Have a great Thursday!

“Pur Trois”

Ok, I’m sorry I neglected you.  I also haven’t managed to take an alright photograph of my finished painting, and again I promise to finish my 4th, which may be my last in this series, tomorrow.  But then I’ve got an exciting surprise planned that’s gonna be AWESOME!

It seems impossible because of the glossy blacks to take a proper photo of this one.  This will have to do!

Tomorrow, another!  I promise this time 🙂

Winner! I won honorable mention Lukas Winter Painting Contest 2012 – Philadelphia Fine Art

“…Thank you for your interest in our Lukas Winter Painting Contest.  We are pleased to inform you that your painting “The Amazing Spiderman” has won an honorable mention in our Lukas Winter Painting Contest.  Congratulations!…”

I won!  This painting is currently up for auction here.  I have finished the third in the current series I’m working on and began the fourth, but I haven’t had a chance to photograph it yet.  I will definitely tomorrow, as well as finishing the fourth and starting on the last.  Here is a quick very rough sketch I did for the current one:

It’s available at auction for incredibly low price here.

Have a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow!

“Sophia” and others now on e-bay – Philadelphia Fine Art


Oil on linen 10×13

Currently starting at a very affordable price!

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Here is a reference drawing I did, a very quick sketch of the beautiful Aya.  This is also my next painting.

available to bid here starting at only $14.88!

I will be in Atlantic City pretending I’m from Boardwalk Empire tomorrow and Saturday, so I won’t see you again until Sunday!  Hope you have a lovely weekend!  I will be on the beach with finger waves in my hair and ocean waves on my feet!

Figure Drawings from a while back – daily drawing Philadelphia Fine Art

These figure drawings are from an open studio session I did at the Rittenhouse Drawing Group in the old Schoolhouse near Rittenhouse Square.  It was a lovely location and studio, and the model had the most beautiful pallor on her cheeks.  These are on newsprint and are available for $30 each.  Please specify which one you would like when you checkout.