“She Sees” Charcoal on Layout Bond Female Portrait


“She Sees” Charcoal on Layout Bond Female Portrait


Charcoal on Layout Bond 8×11

This portrait was intended to capture her seeing eyes.  Recently sold.

And an update:


I am going to finish this soon I believe.  I would like to work on the edges, and of course, put in the arms and finish the background.  I like showing progress pictures 🙂 

I will be out of town in Washington D.C. tomorrow and the next day – so I will not be updating until Thursday at least!  Hope you have a wonderful Spring Break (even if you’re not on one!)

“Happy Feet” Charcoal on Bond 16×20

“Happy Feet” Charcoal on Layout Bond paper, 16×20


In this one I wanted to capture multiple angles of the feet in a more detailed rendering.  I created loose lines to draw the attention to each foot individually, while still keeping my drawing accurate and tight.

“Waiting” Female Portrait Alla Prima Oil Painting 8×10


“Waiting” Female Portrait Alla Prima Oil Painting 8×10

Available, please inquire at khufineart@gmail.com

Fresh off the easel (or still on it!)  There’s some glare in the photo.  In this photo I wanted to capture her distant and expectant expression and the cool shadows on her cheek and hair.  I will be able to take a better photo when it is slightly drier tomorrow.  Painted very thickly on this one for effect.

Here is a closer shot and one from the in progress: