Not too much today! Philadelphia Fine Art

I started and finished a whole painting in one day – but can’t take photos until tomorrow (too much glare.)  Here is a super sneaky sneak peek, featuring the gorgeous Sophia.  It’s very red.  Red is the colour of passion.  She’s super passioney.  It just makes sense.

I also need to photograph my finished portrait of Albert once the blacks lighten a bit.  Hopefully that is tomorrow.

Have a wonderful rest of Thursday!


Sketches – Philadelphia Fine Art

Every time I do a painting I do a sketch first.  Sometimes it’s very rough, other times it’s extremely detailed.  For the Jumeaux series, most of them are pretty rough as I am very familiar with the subject.  Just thought I’d share a few of them with you (some I’ve posted before)


The lighting is very uni-directional in my studio at night as you can see.

I finished the portrait I was working on and shall photograph it tomorrow (possibly Friday as the black paint should dry quite light and needs to wait til then so it’s all consistent 😉  Have a great evening!


“Portrait” progress update

I’m working on a few drawings to post, in the meantime here is the progress I’ve made on my portrait.

ImageAs you can see, my model is wearing an Amazing Spiderman tshirt.  It’s a cool shirt.  I feel good about this.  Real good.  I should be finishing up by the end of tomorrow.  I stayed up late last night putting the face in and had to kind of redo it today.

Also, I sold this portrait today:


Have a wonderful rest of Tuesday!  See you tomorrow!

“Jumeaux Trois” female figurative Philadelphia fine art oil

“Jumeaux Trois”

Oil on linen



email for purchasing information

This is the third in my series of 5.  I just finished number four today, but am not able to get a good photo of it til daytime (too much glare from my lights.)  I really went wild with the feathers here and I am pleased.

“Portrait” male portrait charcoal on bond




Ok ok this blog is “Daily”.  And by that I mean “Weekdays only and some weekends at my leisure” 😀

Today this drawing,  “Poise”, was sold on e-bay.  If you are considering something, I have my painting “Passion” ending tomorrow morning.  I recommend bidding before someone else does so you can get the incredible price.

Bid here on “Passion”

I have just finished a piece in my Jumeaux series, but have to wait until daylight to photograph it without glare (or with less glare, anyhow.)  I will definitely put it up tomorrow (and earlier, rather than late like I normally make my posts) 🙂

“Demure” Female Nude Figure sketch


“Demure” Female Nude figure sketch

Graphite on newsprint, 4×6

This was my sketch for the painting “Lost in Passion” that won the contest in February.  I paid attention to my layout and composition as well as keeping my values restrained, while still adding detail.


And a glarey sneak peak at my next painting in my Jumeaux series, which should be done on the morrow: